Zen Of Cool: Lovedrop PUA’s Further Crackpipe Adventures

Dear Fraudhaters,

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any stupider, here is the revised “Zen of Cool” page.

My favorite bit of stupidity? This:

“We are going to teach you the principles of dressing well which apply to every time period, every country, and every little “subculture” your city has!

Yes, this means after viewing this DVD, we could drop you in 13h Century Samurai Ruled Japan, and you would be the coolest dressed man in town within four months!”

Wow. Could you just see that? A peacocked 13 Century Samurai PUA rolling up to the “venue” with his katana drawn and
ready to die for his Lord, should their be any amogging.

Enjoy this video, with guest commentary by my lovely lady, Christina Melanie Cooper.

lovedropscamparttwo lovedropscamparttwo

Jesus help us all.


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65 Responses to Zen Of Cool: Lovedrop PUA’s Further Crackpipe Adventures

  1. Left Field says:

    I didn’t think you had the balls to do this. Respect.

    • Ross Jeffries says:

      @Left Field

      If I can get the dirt on anyone, I’m spilling the beans. I don’t fear any of them. ANY.

      • Kerry says:

        So we haven’t seen RSD mentioned yet. Does this mean they’re high quality and high integrity? Or have you just not found any dirt yet? I assume you’re not scared of Papa and Tyler. They have a lot of power.

        • Ross Jeffries says:


          What power? They can fly? Walk through walls?

          I haven’t heard anything about RSD and am not on any mailing lists of theirs. I don’t get any of their marketing. But if anyone has actionable dirt on them, let me know. I’m not afraid of anyone..ANYONE. I’ve been at this since 1988. I’ve amassed friends and fans in all sorts of positions and places. If people knew who I REALLY had in my “back pocket” for a rainy day, they’d shit their pants.

          Hint: one of my students was the chief of intelligence and investigations for the REDACTED/CENSORED.

          • Dave An says:

            You are just scratching the surface when it comes to “venusian arts”

            Penis enlargement and pheremone scams.

            Promoting Mehow and PUA Training without disclosing the relationship.

            Can’t get a refund.

            $15,000 to become an instructor, no questions asked about your skill

            Probably lots more once you start looking. Cumdrop and Mysterscam have lied to and alienated so many people in the community that you could probably find some good dirt.

          • Ross Jeffries says:

            @Dave An

            Tell me more.

      • Kerry says:


        I say they have power because Papa practically owns LA with his connections and Tyler is the frame control master of the millenium. I read it in The Game. Since they have bootcamps in like 20 state and make the biggest claim about “natural seduction” stuff, I would assume they’d be a big target so I’m kinda surprised they haven’t made it on PUAfraudsite because you go after much smaller fish like vin dicarlo.


  2. Boola says:

    How to wear a wrist watch in a way that makes you look cool? Yeah right lol!

    • Widget says:

      And this from one of the most seriously uncool people on the planet. I mean, have you ever actually looked at this guy? He’s the little worm who kisses Mystery’s ass and drove Mystery’s company into near-bankruptcy.

      • Ross Jeffries says:


        Some years ago, I met Chris/Lovedrop in the Marina for sushi. I think this was at least 9 years ago.

        Anyway, he said something that quite shocked me. He said, “You should really be friends with Mystery and hang out with him. Study him.”

        I said, “What? Why would I do that? ”

        He said, “Mystery is my monkey in cage. I want to study the monkey so I pretend to be his friend, but really that is my way of keeping the monkey in the cage so I can study him.”

        I may have gotten a word or two wrong in how he said it, but that was the essence of it and the metaphor he used.

        Shameful crap.

        • Dave An says:

          He’s said that many times. It’s probably part of his rebellion, because when he’s around Mystery he has to kiss his ass 24/7 (Mystery can’t hang out with anyone who doesn’t). Cumdrop would make a fascinating psychological study, abandoning his kids and his family to be the fartcatcher of a laughingstock, his inferiority passive/aggressive complex with anyone he’s worked with, etc.

        • Saber says:

          Ross, you know who Cumdrop reminds me of after reading this?

          He reminds me of this youtube video of the cocaine clown. Mystery reminds me of the guy on the left. How’s that for pure satire? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cf4OAqS5ycw

  3. Saber says:

    “The right way to invite girls to your table with bottle service?”

    There’s a right way to buy women overpriced drinks at nightclubs? Wow, I can’t believe he’d call himself a PUA and admit that. I’m just speechless.

    I googled “LA bottle service” and came up with 10 nightclubs in the metro LA area with bottle service where the cheapest was VCR Bar and Vice Hollywood at a min. $400 a bottle and Goa Restaurant charging $1,300. http://losangeles.citysearch.com/list/67809

    Min. $400? That’s pathetic. Instead of calling himself the Zen of Cool, Lovedrop should be calling himself the Zen of Douchebags.

  4. Adam Lyons says:

    Good job on this one Ross. Glad you’re cleaning up the community so real gurus like you and I stay on top. Funny too. Kudos mate, A

  5. Kerry says:

    Hilarious commentary. I found an email from Venusian Farts from six months ago, and guess what they told me:

    “If you’d like to get in on the free seminar, or just want the live DVD’s, it’s best that you act fast.


    I never thought I’d hear about it again. Thanks for the comedy. I almost want to buy it just to go to the seminar where I’m sure we’ll be sold on more stuff.


  6. Sniper says:

    Haha,great one Ross

  7. Sniper says:

    I heard mixed views about Adam Lyons
    got something you know?

    • Left FIeld says:

      Adam Lyons = MAJOR scammer. He doesn’t even approach because he’s married.

    • Ross Jeffries says:


      Only got women because he was making lots of money doing public relations back in England. Lies about his skills. A pathological liar.

      • Stinger says:

        Tell me about it. My friend was at his bootcamp, and he said it was like watching Joseph Goebbels in action. Here is good example about what I mean (I’m quoting myself from Puahate):

        “Adam Lyons has claimed that he has slept with more than 500+ women during his career. Well, I must say that is quite bold claim. As a matter of fact, based on what Adam himself has said, it is impossible. Let’s do the math.

        If we are to believe Adam himself, he started doing his journey shortly after he read The Game. Canongate Books first published the book in UK 1st of September 2005. US release was six days later. To help Adam out little bit, let’s assume that he got book during its release day, read it, and started to train immediately. Adam has many times said in his bootcamps that it took three months to get his first number close. If we believe this (and why we wouldn’t, he said this himself), he scored during January 2006, at earliest. For purpose of this message, we can assume 1st of January is “starting point” for his laycount.

        But when did he quit? According to interview Adam did for The Sun, it took him a year to make Amanda believe he wasn’t part of the Game anymore. The couple married 15th of July 2009. We can suppose for purposes of this message, that ending point is at 15th of July 2008.

        So… even in the best possible scenario, this gives our hero 926 days find new girls, date, and then sleep with them. If we calculate average, this means 0.54 girls a day. This calculation, naturally, doesn’t count holidays, days when Adam was sick, that he was supposedly dedicated his Saturdays for single girl for six months (Adam’s own story from bootcamp), and so on. But basically Adam needed to sleep with three new girls a week.”

        People are so caught up by the boldness of the lie, that they even fail at using even most simplest and basic logic.

  8. Tom Vizzini says:

    When Ross messaged me about this I thought ” There is goes again”. While Ross and I have had many disagreements over the years the one thing I do agree with him about is that he is actually different than these pretenders out there. When I was teaching anchoring and rapport at his seminars the guys I met were great. They wanted to meet women WITHOUT doing all the STUPID shit that everyone else was doing.

    The problem with the seduction community right now is that any moron with an idea thinks he is a guru. The big problem is that there are LOTS of desperate people out there who do not know which way to turn. So they buy anything.

    This is a great example of a fake guru ripping off those who want to meet someone special. Any idiot could tell you to dress cool, spend a shit load of money and get them so drunk that they will do anything. Is that what you really want to do?

    This is about SKILL! You want skills or do you want another loser giving you advice that you could have gotten from any high school kid?

    Over the years I have seen hundreds of pretenders. As much as I hate to say it, Ross is the only one out there who us actually talking about skills.

    Let me tell you the real story of seduction gurus. There is a guy in England who can’t get a date to save his life. He has such social anxiety that he can barely talk to women. You know what he is starting? YES…he is going to TEACH seduction!

    I never thought that ROSS would be the class act of this field LOL! Guys stop wasting time with fakes who promise instant success and gimmicks. Ross focuses on skills instead of gimmicks.

    In other words…stop being a bunch of lemmings.

    Have fun

    Tom Vizzini

    • Ross Jeffries says:

      Thanks Tom. I mean, I can be crass and I can be vulgar, but teaching guys how to feed booze to women and get them so bombed out of their minds that they don’t know what time it is? Charging money to tell them how to pick out a “cool” wristwatch?

      God…I miss the old days when it was just R. Dang Stale and me going at it. Stale was a drunk and a bigot and a Jew-hater, but he at least at a modicum of sanity in his writing, when he wasn’t utterly smashed at the keyboard that is.

      What did Kim think of the video?


      • Tom Vizzini says:

        You know Ross, People can say anything they want about you but I can attest to one thing for certain, you use what you teach.

        So many of these guys are fakes. They are frauds. They are only looking to rip people off.

        Several are so depressed that they have turned to drugs and had to go to rehab. You have to ask if these are the kinds of guys that you really want to learn from.

        Like I said before, who would have thought that YOU would be the class act of the seduction community?

        I personally know of 10 well known seduction “teachers” that can’t get a date to save their lives yet….. they are thought of as experts.

        They give damaging advice that ruin lives. Buyer beware.


        • Ross Jeffries says:


          Thanks. Please name names. Which 10 teachers can’t get a date. PLEASE name them .

          BTW, Tabbatha says hi to Kim. And Taz has it in her head that she can run 50 miles an hour.


  9. Vince Lynch says:

    The is the BEST video on here by far! I love it. Its so funny, I think having two presenters makes it even more interesting. especially the different voice styles.

    Its lovely.

  10. Dave An says:

    You asked for more on the VA abuses.

    Join their mailing list. They haven’t done a pheremone or penis emlargement in a while but they come up once in a while. Everything they DO send through that is scammy and unintentionally hilarious.

    The coaching thing – that’s right on their website and forum. I got banned from their forum just for asking someone who wrote a “testimonial” (one of their instructors) if he actually paid for and went through the course. Not just post deleted, but whole account banned for being “disruptive” (that was my only post questioning anything at the time I had been drinking the koolaid)

    No refunds – call them and say you want a refund of Mind of Mystery. Hear what they say.

    I’m sure that’s enough to start you off.

    • Left Field says:

      The coaching thing actually seems actionable for fraud. Both Mystery and Mehow run the same pyramid scheme.

      The question is whether we are going to TALK about Erik von Markovik’s scams (I don’t see why we should use the fake names they use so they can hide from their actions) or whether we are going to DO something about them.

      Several people, organized and working together to send documented complaints to the right authorities, could unravel this whole mess. Over the years Erik von Markovik has gotten away with screwing over a succession of business partners and countless clients because none of them have, individually, had the power or the ability to take him on.

      This being the internet, my guess is we will also just post angry comments here, on a site 99.999999999999999999% of Erik von Markovik’s customers never see, and then give up.

      • Ross Jeffries says:

        @Left Field

        Go over to http://www.saltydroid.info and read around for a while.

        it takes HUGE fraud-we are talking tens of millions-to get regulatory agencies involved.

        Now, these guys are probably doing some shady things with their taxes, so maybe someone who has a connection/contact could get the IRS involved.

        • Oleg says:

          Ross I’ve read the about page of the salty droid site, the author is a lawyer named Jason Michael Jones.

          What does he exactly write about?

          all I’ve read so far is just him trashing and name calling people from the internet marketing community.

          • Ross Jeffries says:


            Read more. He does some very good investigating. The “Trashing” is just telling truth..in a funny way. I love the Droid.

          • Oleg says:

            I just read more, should have kept reading before I posted my question.

            He posted an interesting fact about Frenk Kern’s Internet Marketing Empires product, he made 4 figures by falsely claming that he made 6 figures.

            Had no idea, I am a member of his newsletter too.

  11. Kevin Spriggs says:

    I don’t understand why so much of the marketing is aimed at getting guys into clubs. There are millions of divorced men in their thirties, forties, and beyond who don’t want to go to clubs and would feel really awkward at them. They should market more products to this demographic.

    • Sniper says:

      Also clubs are full of bimbos who usually go there just to get attention or free drinks.
      it’s not worth the effort for the most part.

  12. Norman says:

    what software do you use to make these vids,
    I must say your presentation of the fraudulent evidence is dead on. thanks for informing all the guys out there.

  13. Left Field says:

    Question — can i reproduce this video on my own blog?

  14. Oleg says:

    “We are going to teach you the principles of dressing well which apply to every time period, every country, and every little “subculture” your city has!

    Yes, this means after viewing this DVD, we could drop you in 13h Century Samurai Ruled Japan, and you would be the coolest dressed man in town within four months!”

    Someone should kill the copywriter.

  15. jd says:

    The whole pua community excluding you Ross seems to be completely out of touch with their customers . How come these morons do not realize that their is a world wide recension going on . Their so called tactics are based upon going to la night clubs .They assume that their audience holds up to high importance getting into the night club one thing that occurred to me they say that you are not supposed to pick women up at work Mystery was a night club magician so therefore he was picking women up at where he worked . Their are two things that are going to kill the pua scam artist

    1 free downloads they try to sell both audio and video product only one copy has to be purchased and then a torrent is created for free somewhere on the internet

    2 people like you Ross who offer real coaching and teaching at a reasonable price .

    offering your time with personal coaching is the way to go thanks for posting this and adding to the death of these fraudsters business.

    they will not realize it until its to late.

    • Oleg says:

      jd Your argument is flawed in many ways, I don’t have anything against Ross but here is where you are in my opinion mistaken.

      “The whole pua community excluding you Ross seems to be completely out of touch with their customers”

      You have no idea which demographic they are targeting, how do you know who their customer is? Ross seems to be targeting older guys and I saw others target younger and dumber guys (like the Zen of Cool thing).

      This recession that you’re talking about is first and foremost a western thing, in Israel there is no recession and there are people here that buy stuff from these guys, this includes other countries that are uneffected by the recession

      1) Ross is a part of this stuff, I’ve seen a 9 gigabyte torrent of his Speed Seduction 3.0 thing, you have to be crazy to want to download that though.

      2) I’ve seen the price ranges, Ross has some good stuff but the prices are to me about the same as other stuff, The SS3.0 basic course is 299 bucks, thats 1061 shekels (Israeli currency) which is about a quarter of what I make in a month, there is nothing reasonable here to me.

      I agree with the personal coaching thing, the coach is the real asset here and not the products.

      jd get your facts straight, I like Ross’s stuff of the free stuff he posted (didn’t buy anything…YET) Ross is here to start a conversation about the crappy marketing methods of PUA companies, not complain about the prices (the Zen of Cool 44k thing was crazy though), not about the piracy (ALL info products get pirated, ALL of em) and they know who they are marketing to otherwise they would not be making any money.

      • Michael says:

        Ross has previously mentioned on this blog that they have all subscribed to Frank Kern’s Marketing 101 where creating scarcity for high-priced products is fundamental.
        However, referring to JD’s post, we can’t complain about the fraudulent PUA scam artists, and then illegally download their products via torrent, etc.

  16. double t says:

    Your girlfriends’ comments were priceless.

    I too am amused to think that anyone would develop a course on how to spend more money to pick up and seduce women.

    As far as dressing goes, it is an individual thing, but none of the looks I have would work in elizabethan
    England, or surrounded by Samurai worriers. My around town look is different than my clubbing look, usually.

    I know guys who, their game is, buying drinks and …..wait, that is their game. I know guys who spend a hundred dollars a night getting women drunk, so they can take them out and party, and yeah they do get laid, but you know, I look at who they are doing it with and I have to say…..”Whhhhyyyyyyy, god, whhhyyyyy!”

    I’m just sayin….

    double t

  17. double t says:

    Warriors, sorry spelling….

    • Oleg says:

      “Samurai worriers” thats a good one lol

      Speaking of warriors and Michael’s mention of Frank Kern, there is an internet marketing forum called warrior forum (google it).

      Frank was once a member of it according to its members, if you join it be prepared to experience a bit of frustration with this forum, they can ban you for no reason.

      I saw a guy from a PUA company post questions about a sales letter he wrote.

  18. Sebastian Marks says:

    Wow Ross, thanks for revealing the secret! Based on this excellent review, I went and dug out my old Beavis and Butthead collection and watched “The Great Cornholio” and LO AND FUCKING BEHOLD, HE WAS WISE:

    “I need TP for my bunghole.”

    No, he needed TP for the seven drunk women “bottled up” at his apartment to be dazzled at…all the TP…

    Forget my “Forever Hypnotized” pattern of songs by my favorite singer that will get one sober non-prostitute woman to drag me the ten feet to my bedroom from the couch – now I know – TP and seven types of booze will get seven drunk prostitutes off the charter bus.

    For a minute there, I lost myself….whew!

    - Sebastian

  19. Alex says:

    Wow. This is such a fucking joke. I’ve seen some things that claim to show how to get tables at clubs without paying anything at all, but really. buying girls drinks?

    this was funny to watch.

  20. Wasted Youth says:

    especially funny since Scammer Mystery is famous for years for saying don’t buy girls drinks. He’s probably so drugged out that he doesn’t care what Cumdrop is doing and since Cumdrop couldn’t pick up his own asshole if it was lying on the floor next to him, this is the kind of thing you get from them these days

  21. Wasted Youth says:

    It doesn’t matter anyway. People who follow Mystery are Scientology-level deluded. Look at his own forum how people defend him even though people admit that his products are overpriced garbage and his TV show was a fake:



    You could show them all the videos like this in the world and it won’t change their mind.

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  24. William Utriainen says:

    Ross, I’m here for you if you feel like all the puas are against you then that’s just their emotions getting the best out of them.

    But really, I was listening to Love Drops Audio tapes this morning and applied his, “Don’t get sucked in to the matrix of emotions” idea to my daily life in school,
    It was a struggle at first but I quickly got a hang of it and boy did it make me feel good, I commented other people and got small talk, feels good for a low value guy with a good heart like me, So please even if you do honestly feel like you found something negative about him, please be respectful.

    It’s kind of common knowledge that you try to shoot the other puas down as much as possible, only the new ones who hasn’t seen that much of the pua community will fall for this.

    Though it would be nice to see your side of things too.

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