Vin DiCarlo PUA’s Deceptive And Misleading Marketing Exposed

Dear FraudHaters,

The video below is pretty self-explanatory. And lest anyone thinking I’m picking on Vin(and to the rest of the PUA’s watching this): this isn’t personal. I’m going to be going through all of their marketing with a fine tooth comb and doing the exact same thing with them.

You jerk-off PUA Frauds have been warned.

Enjoy and I’ll request you to please, please Tweet, Facebook and any other legal means you can use, share this blog post. And your comments.


I hate frauds. And I’m taking them down.


P.S. Because I’m Batman, bitches.

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247 Responses to Vin DiCarlo PUA’s Deceptive And Misleading Marketing Exposed

  1. Neil says:

    2 words RJ … THANK YOU!!! … Thank you for having the cajones to call-out some of these Pick Up Scammers. I am familiar with Vin DiCarlo’s older program and to get a refund was like pulling frickin’ teeth!

    Best, Neil

    • Ross Jeffries says:


      I encourage you to post here on what the refund process was for you, in great detail.


      • Neil says:

        Hi Ross,

        I would have gladly given complete details, however, after being scammed and FINALLY receiving a refund, I deleted every single correspondence from the transaction. I can tell you it happened in August ’08, but that’s really about all … sorry.

        I apologize to you because had I known someone would actually “call out” these scam artists, I would have gladly saved everything.

      • Jordie says:

        Thank you for taking out these guys and showing us whats going on, and to alex the troller, i hope you get a virus then get ripped off, by one of these pua frauds, thanks again ross

    • Ian says:

      I bought Mr. DiCarlo’s product yesterday and while I admit to not paying full attention, I had NO idea I’d be charged for nearly $600!!!
      Hoping I get a refund quickly as it was only a matter of an hour or two before I cancelled my subscription – although based on what I read below, I’m not holding my breath.

    • anthony says:

      how do i get a refund please help

      • Ross Jeffries says:

        Dispute the charges with your own credit card company.

        • nice save says:

          wow RJ you really just saved my future as i seen vin dicarlos add and thought what the heck not filled out the name and credit card details and had everything ready to click theat big flashy “place your order button and…

          decided to read the term and conditions ..just in case..something didnt add up so i googled vin dicarlo and low and behold i see this at the top of the page after spending an how reading down this wall i was fuming and thinking .. had this happened to me id be out for blood so thanks for the save mate…

          one VERY grateful kiwi.

          • Ross Jeffries says:

            @Nice Save

            My pleasure. RJ is my name and fucking up mother-fuckers is my game!

        • Didn't work for me says:

          Vin bilked my card for three months before I noticed–a little busy at the time, but Suntrust took his side and said I had nothing to fight his terms and conditions. I had to have something from them saying they acknowledged my request to cancel. Cancel hell, I wanted a refund for their crap email link that cost me $99 a month which I didn’t even know I signed up for. So I’m the dickhead and been robbed justifiably according to my card company after fighting it for several months. Open your accounts suckers–Vin is fucking us all and we don’t even get the pleasure. Thank you Suntrust for helping bandits and thieves and leaving your long term customers to be extorted and robbed by such scammers. Thank you Suntrust!

  2. TSH says:

    Not to sound dick, but you did type name incorrectly. “Testimonial” was from Vlad AleKsandrov, not Vlad AleXsandrov. While I don’t doubt Vin being total scum, this kind of sloppiness puts your work down.

    • Ross Jeffries says:

      I’m doing a supplemental video in an hour. Re-typed with the correct spelling and same result: no such critter.

      It is amazing to me the small-chunk thinkers who focus so narrowly and ignore the weight of what I’m exposing.

      • Benjamin Reid says:

        Considering that analysis you are engaging in, that ability to remain thorough and precise is hugely important to your arguments legitimacy. Although I greatly appreciate the time you have taken, it seems counter productive to alienate people for keeping you accountable to your endeavor. Thus calling these people “small chunkers” speaks in opposition to your general sentiments for exposing people through thorough analysis. In simple terms….chill out. Peer review is key : )

        • Benjamin Reid says:

          apologize for the sloppiness of my writing

          • Keith says:

            Exactly. Little mistakes and underhanded moves are what you’re after.

            BTW: Who else lol’d when Vin said PROTIP!?

          • Toby says:

            Today (23 Dec 2013) I searched:
            “Vlad AleKsandrov” (the correct spelling as per Vin Carlos’s testimonial) on intelius/dot/com web site–and only found ONE–in Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA–none in “Las Vegas, Nevada.
            Interestingly, though, it is a **POSSIBILITY** that–concidentially–Vin Carlo **intentionally** made the ["so-called typo" on his testimonial--"Vlad AleKsandrov"]—and does, in fact, have an employee
            [with the reaoname ACTUALLY spelled "AleXsandrov"--who does happen to live in the same state].
            Just an interesting thought.

  3. Ross Jeffries says:

    Here is the supplemental video for all you “small chunk” guys who pointed out my spelling error when I checked out one of the testimonials:–uV0Qk

    No difference in the search result.


    • Fox says:

      This is a video dedicated to exposing scammers on the internet. While I have no doubt Vin’s testimonials are completely fraudulent, how does searching for the wrong name expose that? Your argument goes from proof to guesswork. if you can’t be bothered to do the research correctly, what makes you any different than Vin? (okay, you’re not taking anyone’s money) You’re claiming to prove something that you’re not proving. You can say your’s is a result of sloppy typing and not malice but viewers only have your word on that. Mistakes happen, but you should be thanking the people who help you strengthen your case, not calling them childish names.

      • Ross Jeffries says:


        I corrected that detail in a subsequent post. Do a search. The rest of what I said is 100% accurate. Vin is scamming, plain and simple.


  4. SmoothDoc says:

    Hi Ross,

    The thing with the money (24,95.-/week) was really scummy.

    Somewhat funny that it’s called Pandora’s box. You get so warned.

    The thing is I am so used to this kind of stupid marketing, that I am not – how would I say it – mad or outraged. I just laugh about it.

    Actually is just wrong. You’re right.

    Can’t tell you anything differently. Especially because of the weekly payment thing. I would not like this, if it happened to me.


    • Ross Jeffries says:


      So maybe I’m not just talking out of my ass I do know more about how this stuff works.

      So will you allow DiCarlo to talk at your event, given that he is openly and deliberately deceiving guys?

      And will you share this post with your forum, as a duty, to warn those who might otherwise be conned?

  5. tolle free says:

    Nice work, Ross!

    Yes, Vin DiCarlo is a fraud! Not only is he scummy marketing, I do believe all of Vin’s testimonials are made up. On his home page, he has a testimonial from a Ricky Martz, Ph.d, Proffesor of Philosophy, Boston, MA. No such person exists (I have checked). Also, in the video Vin made, he claims he was endorsed by Robert Edelstein or something? That person DOES exist and is fairly well known, however the endorsement is made up. I would be willing to wager if you contacted Edelstein, he would probably tell you he has never even heard of Vin DiCarlo. Vin DiCarlo is banking on the fact no one will check and it’s not worth Dr. Edelstein’s time to sue Vin for the fake endorsement.

  6. jeff says:

    I’ve heard Vin speak and he’s pretty good, but I’ve also been on his mailing lists and his marketing material is terrible. Well, most internet marketing material is terrible, but his is unique in that I feel he’s gaming me like a low-status bitch! He plays up some of the corniest manipulation (cornier even than opening to happiness below me): flattery, scarcity, compliance tricks. It left me asking “Does this stuff really work on women”? Marketing letters have done a great job of getting me not to spend, but his were always particularly annoying.

    • Ross Jeffries says:

      @Jeff I have certainly notice in many PUA companies, the contempt for the intelligence of the audience that is common in Internet marketing.

      But then look at the material that most of these guy actually sell. It’s also not very smart. It shows a surface understanding of women, and it is usually just a rip-off of other mediocrity.


      • Alex says:

        Dude… You tell men to say “You’re getting horny” over and over and over, in order to get a woman turned on.

        I know it’s more complicated than that. How much more? Well you’ll find out if you read the comments BE-LOW ME.

        *points at dick*


        • Ross Jeffries says:

          @alex I’m allowing the comment without censorship just to show some of the typical distracting and idiotic comments that trolls will put on a blog like this.

          What you are saying is such a gross mischaracterization of what I do, it’s hardly worth addressing.


          • John says:

            I don’t think you ‘got’ Alex’s message. You might be distancing yourself too much from your target.

            Keep your friends close…

        • AlexTK says:

          Yes, I think he is indeed trying to imitate the malarky behind Vin’s big, bad, and “accredited” program.

  7. SyndicateExposed says:

    Good Job at exposing this thief!

    This is nothing but stealing from people. If you won’t snatch a purse, I don’t see why you would force charges on people’s credit/debit cards without their AWARE informed consent along with proper & adequate citing to allow people to understand as clearly and fully on exactly what they will be charged for and for how much. How fucking hard is that to ask?

    These guys are focusing in on short-term loot. Your bad reputation can bankrupt your business long-term.

    These guys are idiots, brainless and very stupid at business sense. Not very shrewd either.

    I also think their copywriting sucks to be honest.

    And by the way – these guys are pussies… You don’t need fucking testimonials necessarily to survive in business.

    He could have gotten them legitimately if he put some effort… Bad damn, if your that fucking lazy and dishonest…

    I can imagine you getting yourself into some serious legal problems in the future unless you change your ways.

    The FTC violations are very serious too. Idiots. They can shut down your business and take EVERYTHING if you fuck with them too much and you fuck around with consumers. I’ve never seen such stupidity.

    Trust me… The FTC does sometimes go after people PERSONALLY and to also make an EXAMPLE out of you. It has happened.

    These scammers also get very devious with the terms of condition on the order pages.

    By the way, false testimonials & claims can have you arrested for a LONG FUCKING TIME… You can also kiss any property or assets goodbye.

    I swear ignorance is sometimes the reason for 80% of problems.

    I remember there was one guy who Gary Halbert wrote copy for. The guy was selling a shit weight loss product with claims that couldn’t have been backed up by it. Gary didn’t know however.

    That guy got plenty of warnings but kept going. Until they sentenced his stupid ass for 20 years in prison. I think he was making millions with the info-product.

    Some people just never learn the easy way.

    I also wonder what possibly the parents, siblings, children, friends and/or relatives would think if they found out about them?

    What you do on the internet is who are in the REAL world now.

    If you won’t go around scamming people face to face, don’t think it’s any better than doing it behind people’s back on the internet.

    Anyway Ross, this blog is really going to be valuable. And by the way, I am going to get in the PUA market. lol And no, I’m won’t be rewriting your stuff like Eben Pagan/David Deangelo or like many other douches.

    I’m actually going to spend 10 years of my life studying the subject and applying it. Coming out with NEW discoveries. I’m going to contribute by creating something new.

    Then I’ll start the business. But for now, I need to create my own stuff, do my own research and learn.

    And by the way – I think Eben’s business is peaking and just about ready to fall. I think YOU will beat him in terms of revenue in the LONG term.

    Microsoft was a thief and they dominated the market for 10 years approx.

    But Apple was the innovator that created it’s own stuff and right now it is kicking Microsoft’s ass.

    Innovation always wins in the long run. Thieves may win but only until the innovators eventually start reaping their rewards of hard work.

    Keep up the good work, Ross…

    Oh yeah, I don’t mind if your a jew… (I’m muslim).

    • Ross Jeffries says:


      Thanks. But it isn’t about him, personally. Personally, I’ve got nothing against the guy.

      It is the deceptive marketing of the entire PUA industry that I am out to expose.

      You have to understand: if someone pisses in the pool, everyone is going to get out once they see that big yellow cloud. So the liars and cheaters hurt the guys who play it legit.

      Note something; just because a company plays by the rules doesn’t mean what they teach is any good at all or that the “talent” is in fact “talented”.

      Finally, I get email at least twice a month from guys who are teetering on the edge of suicide they are so upset about their situation with women. So what happens if one of these guys gets taken in by deceptive marketing, has his credit card dinged, has to fight for a refund and then just gives up on the whole damn endeavor?

      Now the funny thing is, DiCarlo is already squawking about suing me. For what? Telling the truth?

      Oh boy. Just imagine my attack-dog attorney taking his deposition and going through ALL of his marketing claims and “testimonials” line by line. And his “answers” being made a matter of pubic record, which I can then publish on a blog I’ll create for that purpose. And then once I have his answers, under oath, I make it part of the package of documentation I take right to the Federal Trade Commission and whatever consumer protection agency exists in his home state.

      (BTW my attorney HATES all the PUA companies and has been begging me to sue everyone in the biz for the past 3 years. Not gonna happen, Adam)

      Anyway I hope you spread the word and I hope any of the PUA companies who do the following realize they are in my cross-hairs, and sooner or later, the cross-haris of the Federal authorities and any authorities on the state level:

      1. Hidden continuity
      2. Forced continuity that is used in a “bait and switch” fashion
      3. Failing to directly state the nature and amount of the billing of the continuity in the body of the sales letter as opposed to mentioning it only once the person is in the check-out/billing phase of the transaction
      4. False claims of surveys, studies, or scientific evidence
      5. Fake testimonials
      6. Refund periods of less than 30 days.
      7. Failing to make good on a refund that is made WITHIN the refund period

      Why SHOUD they be allowed to get away with this? Answer: they shouldn’t.

      Again, Vin is only the first, because…well…I happened to come across this promotion from him on my computer first.

      There will be others, unless the others wise up and stop this shit.

      Peace, piece and I hate frauds,


      • sabado says:

        Dear Ross, don’t get me wrong, I’m not picking on you because of a probable typo, on the contrary: I just LOVE the term „pubic record“!

    • Marketing Dude says:

      Hey Syndicate:

      Actually, its funny, I just saw Perry Bulcher in a seminar 2 weeks ago.

      He did get all of his shit sold, but it wasnt worth much (about $360.000), at least not for the millions he used to claim (and still does) he makes online.

      Anyway, good stuff Ross.

      I stopped looking at stupid PUA advice way too long ago, but there are some very bad scam artist.

      Hopefully you also go after some of the people close to you (hint: the Venusian Mystery and Neil Scammer Strauss).

      • Ross Jeffries says:

        @Marketing I will honestly look at anyone and everyone’s marketing and call out anyone who is misrepresenting, lying or engaging in behavior that is illegal and/or deceptive.

    • Christian Perez says:

      Well aren’t you an angry little bomber, just kidding, you make a good point on all of this

  8. SyndicateExposed says:


    Many PUAs are really fucking unoriginal. They all ACT like one another.

    Except for You & Eben Pagan.

    Don’t you notice that? Like there is a really large crowd of PUAs who all look the fucking same, talk a like and say the same sales message as everyone else?

    That’s why I think they don’t make shit in terms of revenue. I also think calling yourself a PUA is BAD MARKETING…

    Because it makes yourself look like every other schmuck.

    Eben is of course slick… He calls himself “A Dating Expert”… Very different.

    And he has branded his company as Double Your Dating…

    Very mainstream sounding…. He’s a slick brander, marketer and salesmen.

    I think his brand, styles, images and sales ability as well as business focus on advertising, media buying and content STYLE is what is really setting himself apart.

    His marketing model too is very slick. Somewhat unethical too however.

    Otherwise, his innovation is HORRIBLE….

    Slick marketing with no substance is not long-term business security.

    honest marketing with innovations will eventually do better long-term. The innovations will complete the rest of the marketing.

    Slick + Honest marketing with innovation will create a monopoly…

    What you think?

    • Neil Davis says:

      The entire PUA industry feeds on insecurity. In reality all you need to do is grow a pair. I used to have problems until I overcame my fear of talking to new women. Saying hello with a smile, shaving every day, not shopping for clothes at walmart, and paying more than $5 for a haircut is all you need to do. Changing your mindset to stop thinking of women as sexual objects put on earth for your pleasure also helps.

      If you can shake the Charles Manson stare that will complete the package. Leering at people just freaks them out.

      Do all this and focus on talking to people in your weight class, and the world will turn. If you are Joe the plumber with a truck sized spare tire, stop trying to get with 20 year old gym rats by giving them the vampire stare. It’s not going to happen.

      That will be $39.99

      • Ross Jeffries says:

        @Neil if that worked for you, great. Who knows how much better you would have done if you understood deeper and had some better tools in your kit? RJ

        • joel says:

          hi ross what do u have to offer,i am always up for learning new things when it comes to learning a woman’s psyche

  9. J.D. Dallas says:

    This is all great stuff.

    I will mention, however, that I personally receive testimonials and letters from guys several times a week in regards to my business.

    Not always, but a lot of times, men prefer that I don’t post their full name or where they are from. Sometimes it’s “name and address witheld by request” and sometimes they use a fake name.

    I’m not 100 percent sure why guys are so “afraid” of being discovered – as it were – for writing in to a website that helps them with their confidence with women. But, that has been my experience.

    By the way – I always ask permission from my readers to use their words, and I don’t make it up. I don’t have to.

    I like Ross and his contribution to the community. He was an innovator way back when, and continues to be a beacon for men who need to find their way with the fairer sex.

    all the best
    jd dallas

    • Ross Jeffries says:


      I’m still innovating, believe me. I’m at least 15 years ahead of everyone in my understanding of what makes women tick and how to help men get past deeply stuck patterns of thinking, responding and acting. And I’ll throw in some very new stuff about how to show up attractive BEFORE you do the language patterns.

  10. J.D. Dallas says:

    Ross Jeffries – I didn’t realize you were behind this site.

    Nice work.

    Apologies if I made it sound like you were out of gas and not coming up with new stuff –
    what I meant was this:

    You are an original, and from my knowledge of the pick up community were one of the first if not the first. An innovator who opened the door. At least that’s my understanding, without knowing you personally.

    I have been able to carve my own little niche in the PUA world, and from a business perspective, it makes NO sense to fuck somebody over – either with deceptive marketing and billing, bullshit refunds or ineffective product.

    I hope you don’t mind, but I am going to link this site to my main website. I think this is spectacular and invaluable.

    All the best –
    J.D. Dallas

    • Ross Jeffries says:


      Please do. The only way the scammers will change their ways is if it stops making them money. And that will only happen if enough people are forewarned that they stop buying in. And if those who use scummy tactics can’t make it doing it the honest way, they need to go find something else to do, especially when guys are depending on them for answers.

      And again, isn’t it funny that those who promote themselves so strongly as being “cool guys” who have the socially-proofed lifestyles are actually the most anti-social in how they do their business?

      I think it’s funny.


  11. Adam Hommey says:


    I’ve been following this site intently and a few things come up for me.

    First, this is a lot like internet marketing companies who promise “dreams of riches” but are really trying to sell expensive softwares and inflexible systems to newbies and people “who don’t know what they don’t know (as a good friend of mine puts it). A lot of people I know have been taken in. Including me, at the beginning. This is my passion behind Help My Website Sell(tm) – to help others have the knowledge they need to make smart decisions.

    My purpose and passion as a coach and mentor is to help internet marketers and entrepreneurs who do business online cut through the noise and stand firm against the tidal wave of contradictory information and find the strategies and resources that work best for THEIR audience and THEIR business.

    There is no one “right answer” – the only right answer in internet marketing is the one that ethically makes you more money while changing lives.

    All this translates to the seduction industry.

    What I see in PUA Fraud is a public service to help smart men sort through the many marketing messages, offers, and options and develop the tools to think clearly and rationally while deciding which success-with-women systems will work best for them, and to let them know what they’re getting into.

    This is a powerful curriculum and you can’t dive in based on a nice-sounding e-mail; you have to KNOW what you’re doing. I’ve studied a few systems, and I’ve studied yours. Your teachings get me the best results – what makes your teaching so great is it not only applies to success with women but many of the principles also apply to business and life. You don’t get THAT level of changework through teaching pick-up lines.

    - ARH

    • Mike says:

      @Ross & @Adam,

      I just wanted to chip in here.

      I am fairly new to the internet marketing business, and being a former student of RJ’s, I have some insights.

      Firstly, regarding Vin DiCarlo. Couldn’t agree more. As I’m educated I noticed the hidden continuity when I bought his product to review, and made a point of cancelling in plenty of time.

      However when I opted for a refund on the main Pandora’s Box product, I was told the hard copy of the DVD had already shipped and I would have to return it in order to get a refund. Well, I waited a further 2 weeks before the DVD arrived, and it’s shipping date was at least 1 week AFTER I had contacted the support team asking for a refund.

      The main product may have some useful insights, but in reality it is actually really quite difficult to establish which category the women fall into based upon the base product, and I suspect this is why the continuity program where you get detailed breakdowns of each type.

      Ultimately for your money, you get very little useable content, and the reality is it makes you WAY too focussed on categorising “her”, rather than getting your own state correct, so you can naturally be attractive and lead her state too, whether you subscribe to using language patterns or not.

      Anyway, you’ll find that the amount of traffic going to Vin’s sites, and also to the Tao of Badass, even if you use conservative opt-in & conversion figures, puts these guys into the $10m per year business revenues. I think Tao’s main site gets 3m+ unique visitors per month!!!

      @Ross – I may have a business opportunity worth discussing in a few months. Ethical, complementary & with the correct marketing will rock the foundations underneath the less ethical parts of the seduction industry.

  12. Craig says:

    I hate the small print hidden continuity offers. Nothing wrong with a monthly program so long as its clears that someone is getting billed, and what for

    The refund period thing is a joke. It is asking a hell of a lot for a product of this type to be read, ingrained and put into practice in 14 days.

    Pandora’s Box is actually a decent program for what its worth. I noted the continuity when buying and immediately emailed Vin’s support to confirm I didn’t want to be billed $24.95 each month. Got an email pretty much straight away confirming I wouldnt and they stuck to it.

    I am interested in what you have to say about Gambler, product quality wise. I get the impression his marketing is “better” than his products!

    Also interested in your thoughts on Mehow. Most of his products are decent. Group Attraction was an epic fail. Not a fan of his though personally. Shit customer support. I decided to sell some of his stuff on Ebay (these were originals btw, not copies) to clear some room. Got some aggressive emails from his attorney demanding I remove the listings. In the small print there is some BS about not reselling his products.

    Hopefully this blog will help some of the PUA’s realise that you can market products ethically and still make good profit, although as the Salty Droid has probably discovered, it isnt necessarily going to work!

    • Ross Jeffries says:


      Thanks for the comments, and by the way, Salty Droid is my inspiration. I’ve been following him now for over a year and he is always entertaining and is really holding the feet of the IM marketing scammers to the fire. My intent is to do the same and hopefully to get them to clean up their practices and honestly state what they are offering, letting the customer make the informed choice. And I encourage everyone to read the Droid’s blog everyday to educate themselves to the scams going on. Because most of the major PUA companies are slavishly following the marketing tactics of the Internet Marketing gurus that Salty goes after, right down to the graphics and design of their videos, their landing pages, and the way they recommend each other’s recycled crap products.

      All the stuff with the hidden continuity, fake scarcity, fake “you have been selected as a test group”, etc, is first born amongst the internet marketing gurus. Then it’s passed on like recycled bowel movements to the marketing teams of the major PUA companies who ram it down your throat.

      And you are right about continuity: as long as it is up front, clearly explained, it’s ok. But you are wrong about the $24.95 a month on Vin’s offer. It is $24.95 a WEEK. Which is just shy of $100 a month. While $24.95 a week is true, as far as it goes, it is also misleading. Most people will misread it and THINK it is what you just stated, $24.95 a MONTH. So it is designed to get people to under- calculate what they will actually pay by a factor of 4 times/400 percent.

      Now if you believe in the power of what you are offering, why would you have to resort to such a thing? If it is valuable and your marketing clearly establishes the value, why not state it up front? Clearly? I clearly state my coaching program is $1 for the first month and then $97 a month. No confusion there because I believe in the value and I clearly present it.

      The other issue is that the guys who do this are so blatantly out of alignment. (Usually the more they lean on being cool, being “the man” and having a cool lifestyle, the more crooked they actually are!)

      There is such a contradiction between the persona they present, as a cool guy who really just wants to help and the way they market and actually conduct their business. That they can’t see this disconnect is…well…funny to me. As in humorous. I intend to use my skill at satire to point out that lack of alignment, and if it pisses them off, well, it’s fair comment.

      Keep reading and please, please tell others about this blog.


      • Russell says:

        Hey RJ…Great review (and ripping) of this scam. Oh, and the $24.95/week? That is for a program that is 32 weeks long. That is around about 8 months, at around $800 out-of-pocket. Now, go back and look at the “cost” of the 32 week program. $197.99. He is marking up the product, and not letting you get out from under it. It’s classic “bait-and-switch,” where you promise something that sounds expensive, but actually costs MUCH MORE.

    • Matt says:

      “I am interested in what you have to say about Gambler, product quality wise. I get the impression his marketing is “better” than his products! ”

      I agree so much I’ve done some of his training which is good for someone who has no skills at all with women. Nevertheless most of his stuff is out of the blue nothing related to reality. I actually been with him in a club and the only thing he has done was giving stupid advice while what I was doing was clearly working. While he sat there for an hour no advice drunk some vodka and left.
      Never came back to that company again !!

      • Ross Jeffries says:

        @Matt I don’t know where the line between “crappy products” and dishonest marketing really begins or ends. If the person has a good faith belief that his crap is gold, then he isn’t cheating or lying-he’s just mistaken. And that isn’t what this blog is about.

        If a Guru is knowingly taking and re-packaging the work of others and claiming it as original and his own, that to me is unethical and subject to discussion here.

        I can’t say if Gambler has game or not. He’s never shown me any “game” but then again, I’ve only met him briefly and not in the context where he really could. And it’s just not that important to me as he is not the front guy out there for his company.

        Now if Adam Lyons really has game or is misrepresenting his skill set as a PUA and a teacher is another matter. Again, I have no evidence directly, one way or another and so I reach no conclusions one way or another. Maybe he does and maybe he doesn’t. I DON’T KNOW.

        In general: the real evidence is the results of the students. Can a Guru point to real, honest testimonials, with detailed results, achieved by the typical student(not some super good-looking rich guy who already was doing quite well and wanted to up his game)?


  13. J.D. Dallas says:

    Ross –
    I’ve linked this site.
    I truly love it.

    When the time is right I want to tell you some experiences I had doing “business” with a PUA. My association with him almost ruined my reputation.

    I still to this day recieve emails from common clients of his/mine who want to know where their product is, how to get their money back, could I contac “him” for them since they can’t get a response, etc.

    As for recycled products – this guy put a new twist on it. He simply repackages and re-titles old works of his own and sells them as “new”. Again, I get contacted by upset folks wanting a refund for a product they already have.

    I’ve ended up explaining to them that I have no association with the man anymore, and that I never recieved a penny for anything they purchased at his web store.

    I also wanted to share a warning from a female who endeavored to purchase from a PUA (for women) – there are some valuable lessons in this letter – and it illustrates the hidden recurring billing you are speaking of. The text of the letter (from a consumer watchdog website) follows:

    This company sells an online dating help book “Catch Him and Keep Him” for women, which I purchased for research purposes (I am happily married) for an article I was writing for a local magazine.

    Apparently when you purchase this book for $29.97 you are automatically signed up to also get via mail and of course be charged $19.97 each for a series of equally useless “Dating interview” CDs.

    The prepaid debit card I use exclusively for online purchases was rejected when they tried to charge me for the CD and they emailed me to let me know that despite that, they sent the CD anyway (which I did not order in the first place, let alone get it) and the next time I added funds to my prepaid debit card BAM! there they were taking the money!

    I called to ask for a refund, after emailing them asking them to cancel any further orders.

    The woman who answered named “Susan” told me that if I return the CD they sent (that I never ordered and never got) they would refund the $20.

    When I balked at that, before I got 3 words out my mouth SHE HUNG UP ON ME!!! When I tried to call back, despite the recording telling me that I was the 1st in line to get through, after a 5 minute wait I get another pre-recorded message saying THE OFFICE IS CLOSED…at 3:00 in the afternoon (it would be 1pm in NV), within seconds after I was just speaking with Susan.

    Repeated calls get the same response. Don’t order anything from Christian Carter! It’s a trashy worthless product, and they have a tricky bait and switch scam going on. Thank God I use disposable pre-paid debit cards easily cancelled and replaced to order crap like this, just in case.

    I’m only out $20 instead of dealing with repeated charges I would have to dispute, I can just toss out this card and get another. Hopefully, anyone who reads this and would ever consider purchasing this book will know not to make the same mistake I did! Catch Him Inc. is a ripoff operation do not trust.

    • SyndicateExposed says:

      That Company is David Denangelo’s company.

      Eben Pagan is running “Catch Him and Keep Him”

      I already know what he’s doing with the forced and hidden continuity.

      They are more complaints from more women on this guy online. Just google.

      He gave a refund to some women. I believe that he’s doing is charging them. And then if they complain – they give a refund and say it is a mistake just to avoid being labelled as a scammer and to avoid trouble from the law.

      Otherwise, they will rape your credit/debit card.

      Christian Carter is just a actor for the whole company.

      He once held a seminar in LA for women I think in 2004 or 2005. And within a while, almost all the women had left the seminar because the advice was bullshit.

      And some women even began to laugh at him behind the doors of the seminar hotel conference room.

      • Ross Jeffries says:

        @Syndicate Exposed I suspected all along it was Pagan and said so when it started up.

      • TJ says:

        Yes, if he’s trying to make it look like a different company he’s doing a terrible job. I saw his site, and my first thought was “This looks like David D’s stuff”. David D. is a great marketer, but his products suck. Trust me, I’ve seen enough of them to know.

  14. Ross Jeffries says:

    Update at 2:36 Pm

    DiCarlo has had the video pulled from Youtube, claiming copyright infringement. An obvious attempt to freeze discussion in a public forum about an issue of public importance.

    But we’ll have the video up on my own server in minutes.

    Why doesn’t Vin want you to see what I put up? And does he really think he can silence me?


    • SyndicateExposed says:

      what a loser…

      He’s obviously scared. If he really believed that he was some honest man that he wants others to think – he would have saved the youtube video and sent it to his attorney.

      But obviously he’s just threatening to sue when he really won’t. Those are one of the oldest tricks in the books used by businesses.

      Bill Harris from Holosync uses it. He did with Duff.

      @Vin DiCarlo

      Your marketing practices have been exposed! And if you don’t like it, then maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place?

      Please take a hard look at yourself & start being more honest with customers…

      PS. I don’t have nothing against the guy personally either just like you said yourself in your response to me. The guy need to however change his attitude, behavior and intent towards his customers and business.

      • Ross Jeffries says:

        @Syndicate Exposed

        Exactly my point. Instead of attempting to censor me(futile) or sue me(more than futile) maybe he ought to pull himself up short, take an honest look at how he is doing things, and see if he can really stand behind it.

        Here is the test: if you had kids would you proud of them seeing what you are doing?


        • Mike says:

          Your video isn’t infringing any copyright. Just go ahead and submit an appeal to Youtube stating Fair Use and they’ll put it back up. He’ll have to sue you if he wants it down.

  15. JLX says:

    What’s Vin’s real name? Nobody seems to know…

  16. Brijesh says:

    He is a dumb idiot.

    I went to his site out of curiousity and it showed “you are one of the 3 people in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia to get this information.”

    That message is enough for me or anyone to get suspicous about this person.

  17. Tech says:

    Looks like there is a standard being set here. Guys are desperate enough to learn this stuff that they will shell out the money. But to dupe them? All I can say is FUCK YOU VIN. YOu are an ASSHOLE for baiting and switching up things with this bullshit small print. I WILL FUCKING TELL ALL THE GUYS AND BLOGS to check this out. YOU OWE YOUR CUSTOMERS AN APOLOGY. I see gambler’s most recent “Free dvd’s” did the same thing to several of my colleagues. Fool us once shame on you. Forever. Fool us twice, SHAME ON YOU AND MAY KARMA KICK YOU IN THE ASS REALLY HARD. You are not a social artist nor a friend to the community. YOU ARE A SCAM ARTIST PLAIN AND SIMPLE

    • Ross Jeffries says:


      With regard to Gambler, there was a time I actually considered doing some biz with him. He presents, at FIRST, as a “cool” guy.

      Then I saw the complete “bait and switch” free DVD promotion he did and that soured me on him. When I brought it up to him, he claimed he didn’t know and that it was his “marketing guy” who did it.


      Don’t worry, Gambler will be in my sights soon enough.


      P.S. Gambler is shitting bricks that his top trainer and rising star left the company and is eating his lunch right in his own backyard.

      P.P.S. If you are a former employee/intern/team member of Gambler and you have VERIFIABLE information about unethical business practices, contact me via this blog. Please note the key words: VERIFiALBE and “BUSINESS PRACTICES”.

      I’m not interested in hearing rumors or cabal about his personality, his talent or lack of talent in pulling women, etc. Nor am I interested in stuff I can’t in some way document or verify.

  18. Turbo says:

    Gambler is a fraud.

    I was a victim of his ‘Free DVD’s’ where I received the DVD, and was automatically signed up for a program where they automatically deduct a certain amount from my bank account on a monthly basis.

    His antics are misleading and unethical.

    He is a terrible person. A sham. A fraud. A peon.

    Stay away from this person, and be sure everyone you know stays away from him as well.

    Great job Ross! Keep it up! I support you 100% sir!

    • Ross Jeffries says:


      How many months were you billed? What action did you take to stop the billing and did his company comply?


      • Turbo says:


        Luckily, I was billed for only a month. As Chachacha said 2 posts down, I received the PUA University DVD, and was automatically billed ~$77 without my knowledge (which isn’t cheap for a student studying at a university).

        I want to make it VERY clear that during their ‘hype’ phase, the actual purchasing process, AND the confirmation process, they NEITHER talked about nor told me what the PUA University was; and, I supposedly wanted to sign up for it?! Negative, sir.

        They told those who purchased the DVD that one would receive the ‘Stealth Attraction’ DVD for FREE! Given, we only paid for shipping and handling. I thought, “What the hell! Let’s get it!” However, I was in for terrible, drawn out experience.

        Since the process was so slow to settle directly with Gambler and his company (if it exists), I went through my bank to stop them from deducting payments from my account, sent back the DVD’s, and had to file a claim indicating they were scam artists.

        I was very direct yet respectable to them. They told me they would not refund my money, and the Stealth Attraction DVD’s that I got for free were worth more than the losses I had already incurred (77 + 10.95 for shipping). Once they told me that, I went through my bank to handle this shit storm.

        I would like to say during the checkout process there was a box you had to UNCHECK (it was already checked for you) to omit you from the PUA University. I UNCHECKED the box, and was still enrolled in the program.

        Gambler is shit.

        Keep up the great work sir!

    • J says:

      Wow that is crazy! What is wrong with these guys???

      • bob dole says:


        wholy shit… ! seriously, I’ve seen this guy somewhere before….maybe it was the convention I was at.

        wtf, how cool is that???? you act like an ass at a convention in front of everyone.. That’s not Alpha.. its retarded….

  19. Chachacha says:

    Same thing happened to me. I took his free “Stealth Attraction” DVD (which wasn’t all that bad) and got enrolled in a continuity program called PUA University, which consisted in a monthly DVD. They gave me one for free along with Stealth, so I discovered I was on the program whenn I received the package.

    I emailed straight away to cancel, no answer. Another mail, no answer. After five of them, I got an email saying they would deal with it “soon” and get in touch within the next 24 hours. Waited two days, still nothing. Sent another four emails, didn’t hear back…

    So I figured out it was a scam, and that they didn’t want people to know. So what I did is that I went to their blog where you can leave comments (and the last comments are all given in the same place on the front page!), and commented the exact same thing on all the articles on the front page. Something like “why are you ignoring my refund requests? I really don’t want to tthink that you are a scammer, I know you are not the type of guy who would deliberately ignore them just to make some bucks by stealing people!”. I left my adress and transaction number in the message.

    Half an hour later, I got confirmation of the cancellation, and all my blog comments were gone.

    Hit them on their reputation if you can! That will force them to move.

    A good friend of mine also had a problem with DiCarlo regarding the forced continuity thing from Pandora’s Box.

  20. Dan says:

    Hey Ross, I wasn’t sure where to put this comment, so i decided to put it here.

    Basically, I’ve been on your list since I was 16… I’m now 18, so no worries lol. I’ve researched probably every PUA, seducing instructer etc. etc. in the world. I’ve read at least 100 PUA books. (I know you don’t consider yourself a PUA)…

    It is my informed opinion that your original ebook is still better than anything else that I’ve read.

    While I respected your work, I honestly thought that this blog was going to be more about you ripping on people who had stolen your stuff, than about any kind of integrity-based consumer advocacy. I was wrong. Thank you for doing this and helping to clean up the community.


  21. Lift the lid says:

    Me too. I bought Gamblers Stealth Attraction and got billed for a monthly membership. So did my 3 friends who I referred! They were pissed with me for that…
    But I emailed straight away once I got billed because I couldn’t work out why. I spoke to all my friends, none of us knew anything about the monthly continuity program, it must have been like Vin – where he put it in small-small-small print. I read everything closely and I didn’t spot any monthly continuity AND I payed by PAYPAL!!!! Paypal usually show a repeat payment box. What a mystery… p.s. Gamblers trainers are not even trained by Gambler…

  22. There are so many valuable programs out there, and yes, most of them do cost money. The thing is if you find success than the money you spent will be an investment.

  23. Bob Smith says:

    Vin DiCarlo…don’t you mean Ryan Kowalksi?

  24. Bob Smith says:

    “Kowalski” from a street called “Woodhaven.”

    • Ross Jeffries says:

      @Bob Yes I do recall his first name. Anything else you can tell me? Email me PRIVATELY:

      sandworm 77 at

  25. jeff says:

    Ross, just wanted to give you a heads-up on Intellius–they aren’t squeaky clean either. Soomeone I know signed up and started getting multiple charges from companies they never heard of, as well as some double-billing from intellius. An online search revealed they have done that sort of thing before. Feel free to delete this post. I just wanted to let you know.

  26. SmoothDoc says:

    About Vin di Carlo talking at my event.

    Actually yes, I would love to let him come and talk at my event. Explain it himself to some angry community folks.

    Probably he won’t come though. Because I will not trick him into it or something. He just has to answer some questions out of the public.

    And I will link to your site on my forum.

    It’s the least I can do. Give and take value. Always happy with that.

    • Ross Jeffries says:


      You are right in every respect. Your idea is better than mine. Never let it be said that I can’t admit when someone has out-thought me or thought more effectively.


  27. Jorge says:

    Hi Ross,
    I appreciate what you’re doing for us with I’ve submitted a few suggestions for your next target to the email, but I have never heard back from you. I only expect an acknowledgement that you received my messages. I highly suggest you look at David M. and his seemingly unethical advertising practices. Keep it up batman!

  28. dauragon says:

    HEY Ross
    when I came across this scum I thought he has taken your stuff and took it further with some proper scientific work.
    but then i came across his “your a 1 of 10 people allowed to see this” video.
    honestly I wanted to cry. It made me feel like a fool for searching for answers to address my issues.
    This asshole scams people, and uses our need to learn
    to make money.
    Vin Dicarlo go fuck yourself.
    Vin Dicarlo your a fraud.
    thank you Ross

  29. general grievous says:

    yeah man vin is on hell of an aggressive marketer

    it’s sad cuz his product really is light years ahead of most stufff out there. (and that’s not a guess, i’m a paid member) anyway i’m sure ross is gonna have a field day (or look like a complete idiot) cuz vin’s releasing all the original scans his 2+ years of research as a bonus for his members so we’ll finally find out if he’s for real or not…

    either way though the program definitely helped me, i know some guys were lazy and didn’t apply the stuff but fuck i got a ton out of it… to each his own i guess…

    but to vin:
    chill out with the marketing, ur products speak for themselves, just lay off the sneaky tricks for a bit… seems there’s some real sensitive guys out there that can’t handle it… some guy above said he almost cried or some shit, lol


    • dauragon says:

      @general grievous
      dude you say you got a ton out of it but never say what…
      you claim that he will/wants to scan and give you his 2+ year research. what is he scanning? Shouldn’t all the data be already digitalised and analysed and published?
      Shouldn’t these finding be already included in the course?
      its just very discussing that people like Vin take people like me for a ride.
      I am not ashamed of seeking for help in order to improve. neither am i ashamed of being reduced to tears when I find out that someone is thinking i’m a fool and wants to make a quick buck out of me.

      you said that your a paid member, If you wanna justify him go ahead but fuck you for laughing at other peoples sensitivity.

      • bob dole says:

        @GG yeah not cool at laughing at someone’s pain man….

        Its fucking hard out there… Its the real world, and a good majority of the experts in the community started out in despair…

        We’ve all been there and still go through it at times. I don’t care who you are…

        Vin’s good.. from what I’ve seen… .. his marketing well… that’s a different story..

  30. Nick says:

    In one of the testimonials in the video on the website you show in the video, the guy Michael L., sounds exactly like Shaun, the guy in the wheelchair, from David DeAngelo’s Cocky Comedy!

  31. Michael says:

    I have info on him but would talk to you in private about it. let me know.

  32. UniversalPotentate says:

    I JUST got this ad. It talked about giving the information out to “honorable men” … and I was watching a porn about a chick squirting when I saw the ad. Naturally, you can conclude that I was in my more honorable state when the ad was presented.
    Anyway, I expect a degree of bullshit and I always read the fine print.
    In the dude’s defense, the system is $70 + 32 weeks @ $25/week (-initial 2 weeks) = $820 total. So it’s not like it’s $25/week for the rest of your life.
    Ultimately, we’ve all wasted time, money and energy exceeding $820 on chicks. I have no problem cussing out assholes who don’t wanna give me my money back, filing a complaint with the Attorney General and generally being a pain in the ass to a dickish company.
    So accepting the possibility that I might have to get inside my Inner Lawyer and spend $820 over 8 months, I wanna know DOES THE SYSTEM WORK?!?!
    I wanna see real testimonials from real people!
    Also, the BIGGEST thing I didn’t see in any of his advertising was “What do I want?” As a guy, we’re obsessed with figuring out what chicks want. FUCK THAT! Any relationship is about BOTH people. I have a basic rule of “I only like chicks that like me.” If she’s too moody to deal with me, I just move on because if she’s not into me, it’s a waste everyone’s time.
    What about a sense of male self-confidence?
    My 2 cents is that if you wanna get a chick (sex or love) … Be yourself. Then hunt for chicks who like you. THEN refine from that group the chicks you like!
    That being said, I want to learn about women. I have a few who “got away” who I felt “Shit. I know this could work if I knew more!” so I see the value in the program. This brings me back to my original question.
    Anyone got any REAL testimonials?

  33. Matt says:

    you make these scammers look like idiots. you should get your own show on the history channel where you figure out the scams like this and then go confront the bastard. i would watch every week

  34. steven says:

    um err why dont you instead of making videos like this file a class action lawsuit to put these fucks out of business or even better in the can???? email response to

  35. bob dole says:

    Yeah, this is some seriously funny crap for me… I mean looking at it I almost certainly know that its just clever marketing hype…

    However, what caught me was that it was almost 30 dollars a week. Wow, I even looked at the real page before finding this post here. I’d have to say that was some small print.

    the policy for returns sucks by far. that’s true.

    made up endorsements.. haha Wow, another interesting one there too. That’s why I like with some company’s they’re doing video endorsements after events… Though some I bet are paid actors… Any way you look at it… its hard to telling who’s lieing and who isn’t…..

    Been in Gambler’s program and he didn’t charge me anymore then a buck for access to his program.. No problems there.

  36. Geran says:

    Okay, first off, you just saved me about $200.


    I didn’t catch the fine print, but I WAS skeptical of all the claims he made in that “lame ass video”. So I went searching, and BING! I find this site here.

    And so I say thank you my friend. You have my respect for exposing the hidden lies of this scammer. :-)

  37. John says:

    A few things…

    I caught on right away as one of those “If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is” scams.

    Three questions? Come on.

    His pitch video was overdone and badly acted.

    I get the feeling that someone, somewhere probably has dumped a bunch of money into the program to find out that the advice has been re-hashed from FHM.

    In fact, I’d be curious to find out if anyone has republished Vinny’s crap…ON PUBLIC DOMAIN!


    That sound was me having an evil laugh.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  38. Jase says:

    Hey Ross,

    I’m interested in your SS 3.0 course. I have a few questions about it and also about Dave Riker’s courses. I would ask here but I didn’t want to get into DR on this blog and also I wanted to ask questions about your course and if it could help me when I have a few personal issues that I don’t want the whole world to know about…

    Thank you,


  39. patricium says:

    hey dude, I was considering purchasing the pandora’s box product for 70 dollars, but I really wanted to check first if this were real, I have read some of the content on this website already, could you give me some advice, I think Im going to save my money for now, but, 70 dollars is not that much for a risk, even if i dont have sooo much money

    • Ross Jeffries says:

      @Patricium: Don’t. It’s a con.

      • Saber says:

        I hope you do something about Pandora’s box. His marketing method is just so shady. I just got some new spam from a guy named Dave M. He didn’t say he was an affiliate. I clicked on it and there’s a blank screen with some db talking that said something like how I’ve been selected as 1 of 11 for a test group in my city to learn how to seduce any woman by reading their minds blah blah blah picture your ideal woman in your past who you didn’t know how to approach because fear of rejection blah blah blah and then imagine using my secret mind reading techniques and having complete success because you’ll be able to read their minds and know what to say so you won’t be rejected… Using NLP like that to sell garbage is just wrong. Claiming a product will offer 100% success is fraud. I don’t know who authored it, but he sounded so boring and phoney that I navigated away and a popup came up that said something like, are you sure, you’re about to miss out on learning secret mind reading techniques from Pandora’s box.

        Me: Yes, click, goodbye!

        I cancelled to be removed from Dave M’s spam list before. A month passes and then I’m sent spam from his address again.

        Below is where the spam came from. No mention that he’s an affiliate. It runs off his website first, so I’m sure he gets paid per click.

        Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2010 10:15:00 -0500
        Subject: look at this

        You might want to look at this:

        After getting a zillion emails about it from my
        FRIENDS, I took a look and checked it out.

        Pretty interesting!


        Internet Dating
        IID Communications, 6365 Collins Ave #2604
        Miami, Fl. 33140

        If you no longer wish to receive communication from us:

        To update your contact information:

  40. Rhett says:

    This Vin guy just scammed me, read all his small print up to the billing for the pandora box for $70. Nothing at all about a recurring fee or any additional charges (figured $70 on a risk, sure), filled out the credit card info and it took a while to load the next page, I waited for about a minute, figured my wireless was being slow (frequent issue), so I went outside for a cig, and when I got back, bam I’m looking at a receipt screen (yes receipt screen, not a bill/check order screen) for over $400. I was never asked if I wanted 2 other products which I was charged for, one was $270. I immediately sent an email to his support and told them to cancel the entire order of all products and services whether they have a one time or recurring fee or any fee of any kind what so ever and that I expect them to honor their money back guarantee. I don’t even know what to call this type of scam. What do you think the odds are I am refunded? Also if they fail to respond by Jan 3rd I will be emailing again and calling in. If nothing is resolved by then, I will go straight to my bank and fight it from there.

    • Ross Jeffries says:


      Report this to the fraud department of your credit card company. If enough people complain, he can lose his merchant account. Scumbag. And please note that his affiliates who send business his way, like Brad Jackson, Carlos Xuma, etc, are well aware of how he does business, but are willing accomplices in his fraud, because it makes them money.

      They are devourers who pose as advocates and teachers.

      • Rhett says:

        I sent them an email, like I said before. They responded and told me they will refund me for everything within 5-7 business days. If they do so, then that is great. If not, I will pursue it through my bank.

        • Ross Jeffries says:


          Keep us posted.

          • Rhett says:

            They refunded everything yesterday, time will tell if they are trying to charge me some monthly fee, but so far so good. The refund is good, but I should never have had to deal with it. It is just bad form as a business to sneak in any kind of fees or the sort.

  41. Riley Greenlee says:

    Dear RJ,

    Thank you so much for putting up this video. You have saved me more money then I will ever earn with my minimum wage job. I would like to continue to keep in touch and if there is anything you need me to do to help you take these scum fucks down, please let me know.

    Your humble fan,
    Riley Thomas Greenlee

  42. charles painter says:

    holy shit man thank you, you saved me i was about to buy this and before i did i typed in vin dicarlo and the first thing that pop up was this website. so thanks a lot

  43. James says:

    I purchased this fraudulent product on the 27th of December. I have yet to receive the refund they have promised me. They charged me a total of $166.99. This totally sucks. I’ve lost so much money on a product I haven’t even tried. They have been ignoring my countless emails. I don’t know what to do.

  44. theRedSoldier says:

    I was just about to buy this. That’s terrible.

  45. anthony says:

    somebody please respond i dont know how to contact them i dont have any email address’s or a contact number my order was sent to the wrong email address. i searched online and i cant find any way to reach this guy their marketing company

  46. LMAO says:

    LMFAO Carl Junior… I bet they didn’t think anyone would actually read that.

  47. Azrael says:

    It is good to see that there are people out there trying to put bullshit scams where they belong. I find it hilarious that you actually managed to get them worked up about it even more. Keep up the good work

    • Ross Jeffries says:

      @Azrael I can tell you for a fact that some of them have been writing to me, trying to get me to call off my campaign. Good luck to them, I’m going right after them.

      One of them is the CEO of one of the big name companies who has proposed we set up some kind of Guild for the industry with agreed upon standards.

      I’ll write more about this later, but I think it’s a crappy idea, because there would be ZERO enforcement. One scammer would simply offer a bigger affiliate commission to the other scammers to shut up about it.

      Whereas, I just won’t do business with these guys and they can’t buy me.

      I think they think I am truly insane because of that. They are ALL about the $$$$ and don’t get someone who is an idealogue and a true believer in his own stuff.

  48. Erik says:

    I purchased this video and sure enough i was not paying attention, after i herd you are charged weekly i decided to cancel my subscription within minutes. I was only charged the minimum fee of 69.95. Will i get my refund within the 2 weeks their policy states?

  49. Erik says:

    When i purchased this package, i was charged only the minimum fee of 69.95. When i realized I would be charged weekly I decided to cancel my subscription within minutes. Will i receive my refund within the 2 weeks its policy states?

  50. John says:

    I dont know maybe this post is a little old, but i just ordered Mehow’s Wonder system, it promised 69 dollars ($79 for where i live in Australia) and they promised 79 dollars for me in aus dollars, and then when i paid the receipt says 226 dollars and they charged me for other stuff which i didnt sign up for. what a scam! to those people interested do NOT buy it, its a scam, claiming to be an inexpensive price, but it is 226 dollars wtf!

  51. Robert says:

    To be completely fair, even though I know it probably all IS total crap, you spelled Vlad Aleksandrov as Vlad Alexsandrov.

  52. CHris Graham says:

    hi guys

    how do i get a refund. There isn’t even a contact us page to get hold of them.

    Please Help!

  53. Sean says:

    I looked at Vin’s material mainly out of curiosity. Ross frisks his marketing pretty well but what gets to me is the actual concept of the Pandoras Box method and its applicability.

    Even if the basic premise is true that different women need a different approach and this is based on 12 personality types derived from how they answer three internal conflicts – there seems to be nothing in his method that gives you any real facility to figure out what ‘type’ a women is in the actual field. Hell, I tried figuring out the type of women I actually know very well and even then I could not answer all the questions with any certainty – so how in heck anyone is expected to use this stuff on women they have only just met is just plain silly.

    So Ross – any comments on the Pandora method itself? Is this just clever sounding BS or what?

  54. John says:

    14 days from initial purchase go here and demand a 100% refund and to have them cancel your subscription immediately… then you’ll get an email from then later saying its been done but it will take like 3 – 5 days for your money to get put back into you bank account so just monitor and save that email you get back from them until you get your money back just in case some stupid shit happens

  55. Michel-H Goyette says:

    Hi Ross,

    wish I’d take the time to look up your site BEFORE I joined the scam! I’d tried to cancel just before the 2 weeks trial period ended, but I was promised a SUPER free gift if I stayed in ONLY 2 more weeks.. I was charged for a whole month, never received anything more than what I paid for and clerks at Vin’s support desk didn’t even what I was talking about when I rtried to claim the “free” gift…
    It’s just a real BS scam and I hate myself for falling for it!
    In any case, keep up the good work!! We need more like yourself!

  56. King says:

    what about a credit number with limit defined by me… how would they bill me for more? not possible..

    • Ross Jeffries says:

      @King you are agreeing to recurring billing which means you can’t specify the amount they bill in total. You can only request they stop billing and HOPE that they do.

  57. Nicolae Carpathia says:

    I’m amazed anyone falls for that “only 3 people in the test group, limited slots available” thing on his site. That was so stupid I thought for sure the site was a prank, like I was going to get RickRolled.

  58. Indigo says:

    Ross I sent you an email at would that be the best place to email you in regards to Vin’s Scam?

  59. King says:

    Ross I understand what you are saying but, the credit card that I created, also as a time limit of 1 month so… expires in March

    I would never put my barclays card number on a website

  60. M.E. says:

    Thank you so much i was looking to buy this and figured I’ll do some research first abd just happened to notice your link

  61. Bo-Bo says:

    Whoa! Was actually contemplating getting this but decided to do my homework first and came across this site…Glad I did. Thanks you just saved me a lot of cash, and from what others here have posted a lot of frustration too. ;)

  62. Wes says:

    Thanks RJ!

    I just recieved an email with a link to that site today. Though alot of the content sounded interesting and somewhat logical, I had a hunch that there was something wrong about it. Afterall Vin just sounded too…. well he sounded too much like one of those sleezy guys at a fair trying to sell you “magic beans”.

    So while that video continued its countless bla bla bla in the background, I ran a quick search and found this page. Now THAT is what I call devotion to the cause Ross, exposing scams in a field you helped build.

    Keep up the good work man!


    • Ross Jeffries says:


      You are welcome. Of course the little fairies who pick their asses over at PUAHATE just can’t acknowledge that this blog is doing some good. They insist on
      controlling what I write about and who I write about. Fuck them in their little twats.

  63. Madestram Maneuel says:

    I am glad I decided to look up “Vin DiCarlo is fake”. While at first glance it is hard to refute in the heat of the moment, the video hit nearly every sensor of my bullshit detector. No researcher, just someone who has been there done that in a different field–I know enough to analyze writings having been ripped off by a con man before. (FYI it was Daniel Gregory’s book Solid State lasers for the laser enthusiast some years ago. DG is another scamming arsehole that the laser hobby community knows all too well about.)

    If you’ve been ripped off by one con man, the feel and unfolding of another will be somewhat familiar territory if one has learned anything.

    Ironic, in this particular predicament the one selling psychological exploitation of others is pulling an even bigger psychological exploitation–on his own customers. The buyers don’t know until it’s too late. Sadly, you’d probably be more likely to find good dating advice on 4chan while risking god knows only what else danger to your computer …or psyche with some of the disturbing shit on them boards.

    Thank you for your site. I knew if I wasn’t buying its “get the girl” promises, there had to be others who didn’t either. I have troubles myself so I would want a real approach that does not demean my potential significant other, that’s just not who I am.

  64. Vin DiCarlo’s program is BS. I sent the folowing message to his “persona” email as the support ticket link didn’t work


    Your link does not work.

    The initial purchase was meaty, relatively good content well presented no problem here.

    My intention for getting the course was to see if the material was good enough to promote via a dating site we are developing.

    With all due respect, your P.h.D. program at $24.95 per week billed monthly, for a couple of lame videos is a bit much.

    I had intended to cancel my membership after the initial 4 weeks of videos before the second payment went through.

    However, I noticed that this payment was deducted today – 15th March 2011.

    Kindly cancel my membership and refund this last amount as we will not be using or promoting your material

    this was the ‘Automated’ reply

    “Hi there…

    Thanks for emailing your question to AskVin! Please note that the
    current waiting time for me to respond to your question is about 3

    This is NOT an email address for customer support! Any emails related
    to customer support are automatically filtered by my assistant, so
    that short, concise and well-written questions will can be put into my
    waiting list.

    If you have any customer support inquiries, please log into your
    membership area for whatever product you have purchased and click on
    the customer support link.

    No one home.

    What an asshole

  65. jacob voigt says:

    Hey man just wanted to send a quick thanks for pointing this shit out. Scam or not there was no way in hell i was gonna pay 100 bucks a month for this.

  66. David Howey says:

    just wanted to say thanks for making this video to point all this out on his site. I had a little extra money and was considering spending it on this just for an edge, but after seeing how he hid that $100/month charge, I realized that it would be a major mistake to give any information over to this guy. By the way, i didnt notice in your video but after I clicked add to cart to see everything you were pointing out, a little timer popped up saying i only had 15 minutes to complete the page. A little strange since it would probably take you more than 15 minutes to read everything on the page and put in your information. Guess he saw this video of yours and wants to put guys in a rush to buy it so they wont read the page and notice that bit about the 100 bucks a month. Thanks again for pointing out this scum.

  67. Emilio says:

    Hey thanks for warning me about this douchebag. I was actually thinking of getting his product until I watched your video. Thanks Ross. BTW, weren’t you a PUA. Didn’t Neil Strauss talk about you in his book The Game. If so, do you have any advice for getting better with women. Thanks man.
    I wish someone would beat Vin Carlo up. He sounds like a scrawny, worthless piece of shit. Invite him to speak somewhere andjump him!

  68. Cameron says:

    you need to learn how to use expose on yer Mac to deal with all those open windows you have. seriously, F3 is your friend… stop bumbling through your computer :)

  69. Anti Vin says:

    wow. Thank you. You don’t even have advertisements on your page! You’re the real deal, keep doing your thing. And for anyone else who was considering Vin’s bullshit, check out: <>
    (and also Relationships for Dummies, I believe is the title). It’s great, and isn’t’ demeaning (to both women and men)like Vin’s scam.

  70. Sinan Shanawa says:

    I’m amazed how much effort this scammer put into it, and at the same time… How obvious it was. The fact that the first thing i saw was something about me being one of only three guys being selected to watch this…. Okay i’m going to admit that i clicked on a random link on a porn page, what a nice place to advertise!

    Vin commends you for watching so much of his video at some point…. Yeah, i think i deserver a freaking medal for it! It was boring as hell… Repeating the same over and over again, pathetic really.

    So when i finally came to the page where you can buy this and saw how cheap all of this was, i thought “this is too good to be true”, and hey it was… After having read the terms of agreement, i decided to google the words “Vin dicarlo” and “scam” and look what came up!

    Thanks for pointing this out to everyone, you’re a great guy!

  71. Hahaha says:

    I can’t believe people actually bought this thing when you can get it for free from torrents (:

    This Van guy … I’m watching his videos atm ( well I guess I’m a bit bored )but since I actually have good intuition about people … From the first video he simply appears to be a complete asshole scammer :D

  72. Nemo says:

    Vin is a scumbag douche bag scum. As soon as I purchased my pandora’s box set I immediately canceled my so called “pH.D program” and asked for a full refund, not knowing that I would be BILLED MONTHLY!! Thank the lord I did not purchase Vin’s mastermind set which starts out at $300.00. Once you purchase it you CANNOT get your refund. I cannot believe he would even say that “you’re one of 3 men in to watch this video” which is a complete bullshit lie.

  73. Sam O says:

    Thank God, someone with credibility has found out about this twat Vin Dicarlo. I partially blame David DeAngelo as he had Dicarlo speaking at one of his, programs. Dicarlo is an asshole, I cancelled my subscription and even put the reason and all that. Yet, I am still getting sent his Bullshit videos with that ugly ginger guy(who wears hideous shirts, and hates on regualr guys). Man I can’t remember if it was David D or Dave M who gave me the link to sign up to Dicarlo, I have a feeling it was Dave M. Dave M – he is no Dicarlo but he is also a scam artist. You purchase his IID product and then he throws in another bunch of products which you have to pay for(I SWEAR TO GOD!!)

    Well done Ross for putting these guys in the spotlight. Especially Dicarlo!!

  74. Harold says:

    Anybody else notice the brunette on the left side at the top of main page? That chick did that same photo for a racy Evony ad. Vinny-boy learly picked that out for to show some skin on his website.

  75. Alistair Donnell says:

    This guy has just starting following me on twitter for some godforsaken reason so naturally I googled him. Wasn’t surprised I ended up here. Then I suddenly remembered a new law that has passed in the uk which covers online marketing lies. Well, it might not be a law but it is the Advertising standards authority which now covers websites, not just tv. They have the power to pull the plug on adverts and worse if it continues… Might be worth letting people know somehow so at least the british scammers will get owned big time if they are actually lying which I suspect some of them might be. Link is here if you want to check it out Rj

  76. Edwin says:

    After purchasing “Attraction Code”, I cancelled subscription to his newsletter. They continued to bill me and have not answered my emails.

  77. Foxy says:

    Thank you for exposing this “clown”! I wonder if DiCarlo is related to the infamous DiCarlo of DiCarlo “Lanlot Sales in New Jersey which was inescapable many years ago in the New York/New Jersey late night radio ad days. Yes you got a ‘lot’ but Not a Lot of land, while it Was above the tide level (unlike some ‘lots’ in Florida which Were above the ocean at Low Tide!), what you got for your payments were Pine Barrens- sand, and to put it rather mildly- pine trees. That was It- the ‘streets’ or ahem, Avenues, were also sand, and the ‘future amenities’ community centers etc. were very similar to the sanitation, power supply grid, and plumbed water supply- which were kind of, Sort of hinted at. For the Surprisingly low down payment & never ending monthly payments! You couldn’t escape those ads on late night radio-just like you can’t escape the internet claims on the Vin’s testimonials. Very Similar methods-lots of blank street down in the “Barrens’ to this day!

  78. Alex says:

    Well i’ll have to admit i used it and it actually worked pretty well for me!!! Then again… I didn’t pay for any of the books and recordings; i just dowloaded the torrents!! Aaaahhh piracy!

  79. Sam O says:

    I cancelled my subscription with him two months ago. He is still sending me his lame videos. I have a horrible feeling I will get billed for ALL that bullshit when the 36 week ‘PhD’ course comes to an end. Anyone have any suggestions how I can evade being charged extra as I live in the U.K? Also anyone noticed this clown features on On one hand you think, well, he’s screwing up all these other guys games. Not so bad. But, really this guy is making a lot of money for just copying the book… The Art of Seduction. Where R.Greene talks about the 12 types of women. I’ll be honest I tried DiCarlo’s stuff for about a two months, and every girl ran a mile!!

  80. Sam O says:

    The concept of the book he has copied. Not the material/ideas. No no, he’s ideas suck balls!!

  81. John says:

    yo, thank you very much for saving my money and helping me not make a fool out of myself. I thought really hard about buying this, then kept on thinking, because there were some obvious shady things in vin’s video. and i realized if this guy knows how to manipulate women, which is like the most difficult thing for men to do, he probably knows how to manipulate men! so i googled his name before making a dumb and embarrassing commitment to be in his “private test group.” i understood his intention with it to attract customers, but that was actually the most shady thing about his offer to me. anyway, i am rambling only because i feel like i can open up to you, as you are doing some heroic work. you rock. go get them all batman!

    • Ross Jeffries says:

      @John In brightest day
      In blackest night
      Shall escape my sight
      Let those who worship
      Squeezing walllet’s tight
      Beware my power
      Green Lantern’s light!

  82. jonathan says:

    I have recently been scammed by these guys and the best way to stop them taking any money is quite easy simply send in a cancelation of direct debit form to your bank cancelling the payment on a monthly basis.

    Then change your Credit card (get the bank to generate a whole new credit card.)

    what they were doing to me was changing the amount every month to avoid being picked up by the cancelation.

    However I work for a bank and could easily trace the activity on any account I like, and seen that that’s there trick change the amount so the bank don’t notice the direct debit cancelation.

    They only have to change the amount by 1c to make it go under the radar of the cancelation.


  83. Pingback: Dicarlo donald | Purepassionbykym

  84. jon-jon says:

    Yeah, this guy, Dicarlo, is a real “piece of work.” I purchased the ‘Pandora’s Box’ system about two days ago, and just cancelled about 5 min. ago, after reading this blog. I didn’t even wait around for the two FREE, “complimentary” videos.

    All that happens is you, basically, shell out money and wait around for this guy to throw you a bone, every 6 days or so- classic psychology 101; people always want more of something they can’t have.

    I think I deserved to get shafted by this guy, though. I bought into it hook, line, and sinker, with little to no research of him or his reputation. However, I do, distinctly, remember his bio, on, implying a little bit of a distrust factor between he and other industry pua’s. I think, perhaps, Dicarlo uses this mendacity to his advantage, purposely. Generally, people want to “see what all the fuss is about,” and the negative undertones yet overall acceptance, of his behavior, among the pua collective, only adds to his mystique, and fuels people’s general curiousness.

    For some un-earthly reason, I added the one supplementary product, with the “chick” interviews, for $100 or somethin’ like that, but chose not to purchase the other one, as it was about $300. The sad thing is, if I had the $300, I probably would have. What an immense waste of time. I managed to grind my way through the first MP3, of the girl ‘Ana,’ talking about how she gets “shit-faced,” and boinks guys, she barely knows, at Lilith Fairs. I almost threw myself out of an open window, once the audio finished. It doesn’t seem as if Dicarlo makes any attempt to form an objective hypothesis about these women. He, basically, just throws a couple of sexually charged questions out there, pads his ego, and leaves most, if not all, of the guess-work up to “you,” the consumer. It did nothing to further my general understanding of female psychology.

    Anyway, I feel as though I may as well chalk the $160 some odd dollars, spent, up to my dumbness, rather than DiCarlo’s duplicity. I see now what the “hope,” which was left in “Pandora’s Box,” is for. I fucking “hope” this guy doesn’t charge me anymore. Come to think of it, fuck Zeus, as well.

  85. Loz says:

    I bought the package as I could not find anything negative about him at the time.

    The information is good and useful in addition to other material available for improving your inner game but not at all what what represented by the advertising.

    It is very simplistic and does not represent what was presented as highly sophiscated research.

    If he were here in Australia, I would purse him under the Australian Trade Practise’s Act.

    People should know that what you sign up for is not what you are getting.

  86. Bryan says:

    Just Got caught with this scam, stupid me was actually just curious to see what he was offering. 30 mins and $600 later I came to the painful realization that I had spent way more than i was told I was paying for pretty much what I already knew. The site and everything was horrible. I just got a refund about 20 minutes ago, they said it was proccessed. Hope it gets done in a week or so cause if not I am gonna be pissed. I am really glad someone on the web was there to confirm my suspicions. Thanks again.

  87. jawad says:

    A couple of days ago i fouund out about the phandora box and thought is it real. I watched it and it looked real to me,but still I wasnt convinced.I saw the real dat when it came out and it was like years ago.Thinking about the video of his,I rememberedhe said its only limited to a couple of guys but when I went 3 times to the site,it still said your one of the 3 people.That seemed fishy to me, so I looked on google and found this site and this site completely obliterated vin. XD

    I think vin must becrying right now,since he noticed the video you made.Here is my question to you RJ:Did he actually happendto sue you or give any evidence????

    Can I prett please have an answer?

    Yours Truly,


    • Ross Jeffries says:

      @Jawad No he didn’t. I think he understands that I have the facts on my side, and being a defendant in a lawsuit confers lots of power to conduct discovery.

  88. Russell Gingras says:

    thank you you are doing the world a favour by doing what you do… It is putrid how he made it so you had to scroll down through that tiny screen.

  89. Bob says:

    Thanks for the video. I gotta admit I was intrigued by his program and was dangerously close to giving him my credit card info. I doubled checked to see if it was safe and came across your video. Needless to say he will not see a dime from me.
    Thank You

  90. Sam Meguire says:

    Your comments were spot on. It made me laugh as you were looking at the small print and showing how much of a scum bag this guy was it printed “Don’t worry we are not trying to sneak anything into the “fine print”. We just want you to be certain of all our polices.” Also he said you get a 30 money back garantee but can’t get a refund after 14 days. It’s great that there is guys like you exposing these crooks.

    • Ross Jeffries says:


      Yeah and the little douche threatened to sue me. Not a peep from him or his lawyers. Scum fuck.

  91. gerard m. says:

    i just downloaded by pirate bay !
    vin dicarlo suck it !

  92. T says:

    So are these guys mad because they got ripped off or because the advice didnt work? I curious, being female, what kind of advice he gives?? I rec’d his email as “one of the lucky 3 guys”

  93. Greg says:

    I got scammed by (DOUCHE NAME DELETED) hard, but in the end I won the case so when you do a little fraud exposure on that creep just send me an email and I’ll give you all the details FOR FREE. (DOUCHE NAME) DELETEDis a dirt bag.

  94. Randal the AFC says:

    Heh, I bought into it, sad to say. I figured that regardless of price he must know more than me and the price of an education that actually works is well worth the admission to an average guy. See I am not a PUA, not a natural and certainly not savvy in marketing, so I did not think that the price was outrageous. I don’t work for Vin or David DeAngelo either. I am just a divorced guy who wants to get better with women. Now that being said I also don’t want to scam women into my bed either, so there is that. I figure that if I work on finding out what makes women tick and work on myself to the point that I would like to fuck me if I was a girl, then I am on the right path. Maybe I am wrong, I dunno. Call me an AFC, call me a N00b…whatever. The fact is that I am just an average guy who wants to have incredible sex and give the woman an awesome experience in the process. It is a win-win in my book. So for all the PUA’s out there who want to dis one another, that’s fine. Not my place to say one way or the other. It is like the gods at war in my opinion. Far above where I live, and not really worth my time until it starts raining blood. And no, I am not interested in buying a $5000 coaching club bootcamp…lol. It was within my budget and I can watch anytime I want. On a side note I also bought into David D’s programs, Mark Brinded’s and Dr. Paul’s as well. Do I think that any one man has all the answers? No. I think that all of you guys have a piece of the real deal. I am in it to test it out for myself as Randal the AFC.

  95. Randal the AFC says:

    Oh, to clarify. I said sad to say because the program did not work in whole. Parts of it did, but parts were simply untrue with the types of girls he talks about. The women he had on the interviews were not being totally honest I think. It seemed like they were being led to certain conclusions by someone who knows how to do that. Did I learn anything? Yes. I did. Was it worth the price of admission? Sadly, no. But that is ok. You can always make more money, but you can never get back the wasted time spent aimlessly wandering in the dark. The only available swift answer is an education to light your way…however feeble that light might prove to be…

  96. Dave says:

    Wow, his subscription content was not worth the money and it did NOT produce results. Was it interesting? Hell yeah, I thought so. It was like probing into the brains of different girls with really interesting and blunt questions . . . but worth the price??? Absolutely NOT.

    Interesting system…but incomplete…and he tends to dump you as a customer. DO NOT BUY.

    He’s actually the most dishonest major PUA I’ve ever encountered.

    His newsletters all promise big things and never deliver. They get you all hyped up and emotional. But he doesn’t care…always new customers to rip off….

    I mean you’d think he’d read this page and shape up…he SEEMS like he’d be good at pickup. I’ve heard people recommend his early day stuff….yet when I try to get anything good from him and spend all I get is hype.

  97. Dave says:

    Someone asked if people were pissed about the scam or bad info. Technically it wasn’t an illegal scam, because he put fine print in…but he psychologically gets you to buy more expensive stuff…

    and then doesn’t deliver. He gives you content, but it’s not as advertised. All the super killer ultra-ninja secrets are just little tips here and there that he exaggerates and puts a cool description too.

    The PhD program was extremely interesting. I mean I can see how someone would call it “priceless”…as in the average guy doesn’t have access/time to site for an hour with a dozen women and get all in-depth with them…so yes. Priceless…but priceless in the way it’s priceless to date a girl in a sorority and hear all her GF’s gossip and stories and real insights (but DiCarlo’s product wasn’t nearly as good).

    But it’s not ACTUALLY priceless. You could charge $10,000 and say “well, it’s priceless…you couldn’t get the info yourself otherwise could you”. But while it gives you a better understanding of woman and good conversation pieces on dates or bars, it’s definitely NOT worth the price he charges for it.

    And it doesn’t translate into results.
    As many have said, his personality system is a good idea…but it’s INCOMPLETE! It’s not scientific. Not foolproof. Not even close.

    YOU DON’T EVEN SEE DICARLO in the interview products!!!

    So, again, do not buy it. I appreciate people posting her because I know it’ll help this page come up in search results more. So hopefully more people see it and sale will go down and others won’t get ripped off like I did.

  98. Tom says:

    Having been directed to Vin’s site on a couple of occasions through sheer boredom and watching a video that only be described as reverse phycology ploy to get you to believe that not investing in the product would be your loss, i did some research. I am allways skeptical of a salesman who like to pitter patter about with you before actually detailing a price.

    As for the sneeky and frankly underhand way of charging you more money than he ‘claims’ and for those cheaply made up ‘testimonials’, the man should feel completley and utterly ashamed.

    This is talking as someone from the UK, where if he was operating a scam this huge i would like to think that our damn tenacity as Brits and our inability to hand money over too easily would cause him to make no money from us at all. However i know with someone this slimy that it owuld be no skin of his nose at all.

    I do feel however that if anyone is silly enough to sign up to it, i would first encourage them to brush up on the mythology of Pandora and her box as if nothing else, that should be warning enough.

    Carry on the good work RJ, you have a new fan here.

  99. Lee says:

    Hi Ross,

    I have recently viewed the Vin’s ad and agree with you about the indications a fraudulent product would have.

    However I must correct you on the name that you searched on the intelius system.

    The second name you were looking at was ‘Vladimir Aleksandrov’ not ‘Vladmir Alexsandrov’.

    Just so that you know I’m not picking on you but for the sake of being accurate I took the liberty to correct your typo. Eitherway I don’t think you would legitimately find anyone by that name to have participated in the program and give out a testimonial.

    Good luck hunting scams.


  100. Lee says:

    Hey Ross,

    I forgot to mention that the testimonials has had been updated.

    It is different to what you have recorded.

  101. Fred says:

    Thank you, RJ for your efforts. Regardless of the petty nits by some, you are doing a much needed service. I was first aware of DiCarlo’s Pandora’s Box system by a popup ad on a dating site. It all sounded promising until I got to the ordering page, which only allowed credit card payment, which is a big RED FLAG. From my experience in ordering other things on the WEB, I knew that this was not legit. Reputable businesses on the Web allow not only credit card payment, but provide an 800 number for ordering by phone AND allow mailing in payment via a Money Order or Bank Check. I always opt for Bank Check now, so I don’t keep getting charged, unless I know I’ m dealing with a legitimate business that I’ve done business with before and can trust.

  102. OMG! thanks man! With all my education, i cant believe i was fooled to believe his bullshit..I`m so happy that i did not aquire this product…thanks again man! keep up the good work….God bless you!
    and guys remember that a good thing is hard to find..buye

  103. Ralph says:

    I am a 42 year old single guy and am agitated about meeting someone…so when I cam across Mr. Di Carlo’s ad and he had the “testimonial” of a 42 year old…I was intrigued. Fortunately I am naturally suspicious. So – google and came upon your website. Thank you for confirming all of my suspicions.

    All the way from South Africa….imagine that $100 per month times 7,2 (the exchange rate) and then trying to get money back from the US…

    I am really grateful _ keep up the good work!

  104. I hate alpha males says:

    I found the link of this guy in a porn site…the video said you are one of the three lucky guys in boston…i went through the video…but with all the BS he was showing, i thought it was going to send me some virus,so i closed the website….but shame on Dicarlo….so many men are leading a miserable sex life including me and want to get better and these frauds take advantage of these innocent desperate customers.

  105. Mary says:

    Very interesting! I have been helping my friend with this issue, the f__king Vin DiCarlo issue. My friend is very computer illiterate so I started checking this shit out from Dicarlo Coaching, Dicarlo this, Dicarlo that, etc. and to find out that it’s basically a bunch of scamming techniques to lure guys to think that they’re actually going to figure women out. It’s never going to happen! (Kind of kidding there). Anyway, the people that don’t seem to have a conscious seem to think they can screw everyone else over, like they’re never going to get caught or something. I’m sure they don’t stop and think what it would be like if it was happening to them or if they were the ones getting screwed over. NO- they’d be pissed! In the end they will get what’s coming to them. I could go on & on but I won’t so the last thing I need to say to the whole Vin Dicarlo group, and excuse my french, “Fuck you, you fucking fuck”.

  106. Kvr says:

    hey guys i am going to check this pandoras box programme out but i am going to do for free on a pirate download will kep you all posted as i am sure these things never work

  107. Rob says:

    Hi , very nice site. I have his program and got it free. And I agree with you even if his method works which I’m sure it does, theirs is no way I’m going to afford something like this. Plus like you said he is a lair and a fraud. If you think about it, what would a guy really pay to get into a women’s mind. That’s what he was thinking when it started. So with that said to anybody out their who wants to spend a fortune go ahead. I hope you well and thank you for this important information.

  108. Krilencu says:


    Yesterday evening (09/13) I placed a comment on this blog, ‘PUA Fraud’. I asked some very basic, commonsense questions about the purpose of the site.


    • Ross Jeffries says:

      I answered you with an entire post, idiot. Your responsibility to keep up and read it. Now take your lies and insults and irrelevant bullshit elsewhere. You are not the standard setter here.

  109. Mike Osgood says:

    Ross is the BEST!!

    He’d NEVER threaten a customer! He’s looking out for ALL of us!

    GO ROSS!

  110. Terry says:

    I’m not 100% certain anyone needed to point out that this guy Vin is a fraud. I feel that people who would believe there are “secrets” to picking up women would be gullible enough to believe anything. I picture in my mind very sad men so desperate to get laid they are willing to pay for a video to show them how. I’m no don juan, married now, but in my day just making friends and then telling a woman you were attracted was plenty enough to get the ball rolling. I’m only 30. Now that I think of it, if a man is gullible enough to believe in such stupidity he probably needs someone like you to tell him to “watch out” either way it goes. It amazes me some people don’t have a filter for what is bogus and what isn’t. I conjure images of a guy with a stack of get rich quick books, start your own internet business books, matthew leskos government secrets books, and then videos from vin sitting on top of them all when i think of these type of people. When I watched your video up there debunking Vin, I’m thinking “Well, DUH! Who would fall for this?” but I see there’s a list going. Stay strong guys, strength is what women are attracted to.

    • Abe says:

      Actually, you’re kinda wrong. From someone who actually is good with women…A. there actually are different types of women and you do need to approach them in different ways, B. Not all women do like men who are just straight forward “hey i like you” kinda guys, C. not all women are even interested in a relationship…some just wanna fuck.

      But you see that’s the thing. I clicked on the link just to give it a shot. I just wanted to see just how ridiculous this shit was. The entire video the guy said nothing that I did not know already…and that’s how they get you. They make you feel special by saying, “OOOH you are a specially selected person that will get this limited offer”. Then they keep leading you on and on repeating themselves over and over and not really saying anything new or revealing. It was stupid. But just to be sure of myself I had to check the products reliability…and clearly there is none. It sounded legit…like the concept of the product. I definitely believe there to be a way to…for lack of a better word…”manipulate” women. It’s just this product itself was completely bogus…

  111. Karim says:

    Vin Di Carlo ripped off my credit card.

    I paid for his ebook by card – which I never received, by the way. Then over the next few months they hit my credit card for 3 unauthorised transactions worth over $300.

    I cancelled my card and challenged the transactions with Barclaycard, who refunded me the money. But if I wasn’t the kind of person that always checks my statements I would have been ripped off.

    Don’t touch Vin Dicarlo. He is a thief. In my experience, anyway.


  112. william says:

    As I really appreciate that you have a site that spot out fraud but not even you evaluated the product fully. As you Actually READ the page there are two product the pandora box and the PHD program both are the 69.95 one time fee but the PHD program is 24.95 weekly after the 14 day trail for the PHD program every thing else you have a good point on. SO PLEASE IF YOU ARE GOING TO CRITICIZE DO IT CORRECTLY.

    • Ross Jeffries says:

      @William I don’t review products. I expose marketing and business bullshit. And nothing you said has anything to do with that.


  113. eliya says:

    I have bought pandoras box before i saw anything about fraud with this guy.

    I now cannot login to my pandoras box account, it says “This account has been Blaclisted”.

    how do i get back on my account and then get my refund?

    REPLY ASAP please i only have a few days to get my refund.


  114. Patrik says:

    Hi there!
    To be honest I was thinking at first to buy his “Pandora’s Box” as I finished watching his loooong video.In a way or other it is made to think about it at first time. But I think now it is because the product had a pretty interesting advertise. As I grew up in a area where “everything sounds too cheep and good to be true it is definitely a scam” I search “Vin DiCarlo, Inc” on Google and found this. As I can say RJ you did a great job and hope will save lots of peoples to not pay for their nativity. So Good bless you and keep doing what you do and catch them all.

    Remember if somebody is offering you to get something very rare on a extremely low price first check him around , DON’T JUST PAY, because everything sounds too nice to be true it is and smells like a bloody Scam.


  115. Ander Andersson says:

    I live in Stockholm and also get the “only three men” warning (who do they know we’re actually male?). Everything in that site is very stupid and not make any sense at all but if you think about any add works that way: by promising what you’ll never ever be (a lover, a beautiful/attractive woman, a smarter guy etc.) Funniest stuff is that I googled “scam fraud dicarlo blah blah” and the company behind this method has already started fake wordpress blogs where other guy review this product… The product itself is stupid and the big question here is: who in the whole world has bought this crap? I’d like heard their experiences…

  116. Ol Dirty Mustard says:

    Who pays for this anyway, it’s all free from torrent sites these days. And this is why it should be. Scam him back and let’s all see if the product works.

  117. Mike says:

    Hi. I see that you have tips about women. Can you please give me your website when I can see this info? Are you selling anything or do you have a blog or something? Please email me with the email I put. Thanks.

    • Ross Jeffries says:

      @Mike Nope. One thing I will never do, and never have done on this blog is promote my own stuff. This blog is NOT a commercial enterprise but rather my private expression at disgust at what is going on in my industry and a way to warn people about what is going on. Find me on your own.

  118. Purnawan says:

    Thanks RJ, I’m from Indonesia (Bali is one of indonesia’s island ), I like very much and apreciate to what you do in bring people to be aware of many scam in internet!
    I’m sure once people learn from this website will be aware when he/she dealing with internet selling.
    Congcratulation RJ !!


  119. steve says:

    Thank you for your integrity of this site. I noticed that you won’t sell your own stuff on this site but it is only here to expose other fraudsters. That’s very generous of you considering how easy it would be to point out how all the competition is so terrible and then have a little market tab to sell “honest” stuff…well done. I mean sure its easy to look you up on the web and then spend heaps on your stuff which is basically offering the same results but hey we still have to go to ALL that effort of making a new tab and typing in you name and….as you say bla bla bla.
    Thanks RJ you’re a great guy…..oh, and a very clever marketing guy!

  120. Abe says:

    Just curious…did anyone actually try to use the product? Does anyone know if it actually works but its just a ridiculous price?

  121. Hegel88 says:

    hi mr.Jeffries!

    your stuff is #1!

    Eben material is really good and profound too, even though
    he plagiarized some of your stuff

    P.S. those pissed off gameless PUAs even
    created a page about you

  122. Hegel88 says:

    i know its random but i am really curious to know what philosophers and psychologists you have studied?

  123. hmf says:

    all pua are scams. it’s not about learning some techniques. go to and read their free ebook, may you find peace.

    it’s your life do something about it. Don’t waste money for bullshit catchy gimmicks. Stop wasting time.

  124. Andrew Orser says:

    Above where you found the part where it states “you must file for a return of purchase no more than 14 days after purchasing this product” yada yada yada Its says something to the effect of “Were not trying to hide anything in the fine print, we just want to make sure you know all of this stuff.” Well here’s a few things about that 1) the whole point of making it “fine” print is to hide things, or to make it so people don’t notice it as easily, and 2) What they said makes it sounds like oh we’re the good guy, we want you to know everything, be able to protect yourself ya know. LIES…..

  125. J. King says:

    Wow. Just found this blog. Great work. I didn’t know where to post this so here goes anyway. I used a couple of Vin’s products in the past and found them marginally useful but I too had an issue with continuing charges (“mastermind” program I think) and since this was a few years ago I can’t recall how I stopped the charges – I think it was just through an email and it was settled but it would appear their business practice has only declined since then.

    But I’m also confused by the fact that I used to get the email newsletter but emails from Vin seemed to stop and suddenly I got emails from Shawna Lenee at 2girlsteachsex. Their videos are very similar to the ads you showed by Vin – is there some template for this type of scam since they (2gts) do all the same things like:

    “this is only being offered to special member in advance…”

    “limited time before the “secret” is out and there are limited numbers…”

    “On xxxxhrs Eastern Standard Time it’s available to you…”


    or is this just Vin joining forces (probably in the hope that he might bang a porn star)?

    For the most part 2GTS focus on sexual techniques directly (and as porn stars they really do know what they’re doing and these products seem good) and isn’t that related to actual pick-up

    BUT I see now they’re promoting a pickup program by Blake Stevens that seems to rely on “scripted lines”.

    Their add pitches seem suspect as well (adds look just like the Vin stuff) so I wanted to bring them to your attention to add to your “shit list”

  126. Phil says:

    Vin Dicarlo is a disinformation artist. I called him out on his website yesterday and my comment is no longer there. He is a slimy beta male who is misleading lots of guys. I certainly was mislead by him for quite a while, although it did help me put myself out there it was only a temporary thing and then I was lost again. His book the attraction code might be good for a short term fix, but it neglects to tell you what attraction is all about – heart. The word ‘heart’ is not mentioned once in his book, and I doubt it’s mentioned anywhere on his site. I hope this helps!

  127. RealLifeCheater says:

    Hello from Germany,

    i got aware on VinDiCarlos practices and thought it might be interesting. I dont have problems to find women, just i considered it worthy to try but in german we say “something to good to be true can just be bad”.

    So i toke the measure to google him and i have really so say a big thank to your efforts. Would have paid for this crap even if its “just” like 50€.

    Normally im not a blog poster but i thought it worthy for your efforts so a great thumbs up from the other side of the ocean;)

    Seems not all americans are crazy guys running around with guns and shooting randomly people or thinking the whole world are communists^^.

    Again respect for your work from germany;)

    P.S: You made wrong spelling on that Aleksandrov name but i still believe you.
    P.P.S: Even offtopic, to all americans, elect Obama again hes the first president for ages not doing soo much crap (dont elect that other moonbase guy please). Why Obama? Hes getting you standards we have here for over a century (like social systems…). It is in no way communistic, when we hear people interwieved in the news saying it, everyone is just laughing here^^

    A wise man said: You can evaluate the level of a society by checking what they do for the poorest within it and their prisoners.

  128. Jeff Weiss says:

    Thanks for your video. It confirmed the suspicion I had about this product [and just about ALL the different products that are sold in this format] when they kept repeating the ‘cost’ of the system and kept qualifying it with the word ‘today’.

    Sure, we’ll send you the whole thing, and you’ll only pay $69.95 TODAY…

    And you’re one of only 3 men in the city that can see this offer? Really?

    And the offer is going to be taken down, so you must act today. Well, it’s 2012 now, and I see this has been going on for 2 years now.

  129. mstorms says:

    thanx rj i saw that site for vin’s product and was wary about it i thought it might be a scam and decided to look him up and found your site thank you for posting this and saving me the money that it would have cost me

  130. Tony says:

    I looked at one of the preview sites and tried to get off. A popup came up asking if I was sure I wanted to leave the site. For me that is usually an indication that it’s a scam. Especially if they try to entice you into stayingby giving you some other kind of offer on the popup.

  131. Jack says:

    Hey Ross, Do you have a blog or something I can see more of this on?

  132. Steve Spears says:

    RJ! I skipped down to the video and didn’t notice your name at the top. As soon as I heard your voice I knew this was gonna be good. I have allll your stuff and only wasted my time watching Vin’s ad out of skeptical curiosity. Thanks for keepin it real.

  133. Eagle Eye says:

    Thank you for making this video exposing this cunt. I almost fell for it. I hate this guy!
    I first got suspicious when the narrator of the video (Ben) described Vin as a “science prodigy with two published papers in atomic and quantum physics by the age of 21″ who worked in a “wartime think-tank”. Yeah, right!

    • Ross Jeffries says:


      What the fuck? Are you kidding me?

      Ha ha ha….Ryan Kowalksi, aka “Vin” wouldn’t know a lepton from a leprachaun.

  134. Dom says:

    Hi Ross,

    Thank you so much for this website. I just watched the “Vin/Ben” video, link above, and was suspicious so googled it and am disgusted to see that Ryan Kowalksi, aka “Vin” has been scamming people for at least two years. God knows how many people get ripped off.

    I just saw the video via a link from which I believe is a huge dating site in the US, UK and around the world probably. I am very disturbed that they allow such garbage on their website. It claims that only the next 100 men will be allowed
    to join the “control group” for $69.95 and then the website will be taken down! Apparently this control group has been specially
    requested by Vin to stop his methods being used for evil purposes! Not to make him more money, obviously.

    Very disappointing that he is allowed to get away with it for so long. If he is breaking laws, which I gather he is from what you
    say, then why isn’t he prosecuted and his website and links taken down?

    Good luck with all your efforts.


    • Paul Ross (aka Ross Jeffries) says:


      Holy shit. It looks like El Douche DiCarlo, aka Ryan Kowalski, is worse than ever.

      Going to have to post about this one.

      PUAFRAUD will be back this summer with new posts!

  135. Ray says:

    This post very well may be something that others have said, (sorry, I watched the video, but didn’t read all of the comments) but I purchased Pandora’s box back in 2010 and I can tell you I was beyond pissed when I found out that you didn’t even have full access to all of the videos!! I’ll admit that I was aware of the monthly (weekly) charges; however, in no place that I could find does Vin advise you that you will be given a small handful of material up front and then the rest of the material would be uploaded or “unlocked” weekly, thus requiring you to pay monthly for about 6 months in order to receive the entire system. What a load of shit. Total fucking ripoff. Secondly, the most misleading statement I’ve ever seen was the one about “Ask her these 3 questions and get whoever you want” … it makes it sound as if the questions create a special attraction or something of the sort. The truth is that the questions only let you come up with some bullshit way of attempting to game the woman after you find out the answers, and let me tell you, they are awkward fucking questions to ask/find the answers to. Fuck VinDicarlo. And as a side note because I can’t stand this douchebag either, also fuck Richard Gambler.

  136. Brad Anderson says:

    Ross Jeffries got me laid for the first time in my life, using Speed Seduction, when I was 37 years old because I had lifelong disabilities and couldn’t get any before; RJ’s the man!

    This IDIOT Vin De Carlo is NOT the man– he’s a CON-man!

    I can understand how he’d fool desperate men, but you’d have to be pretty desperate to believe it, since he’s the Bernie Madoff of PUA.

  137. Roob J says:

    thanks guys for confirming what I suspected..fraud !..also I suspect that the dating website “XDating” is part of the same warned..Rob

    • Paul Ross (aka Ross Jeffries) says:

      @Roob Never heard of it, will look into it. PUAFRAUD will return this summer with new posts and new exposures.

  138. Colin says:

    I have tried to cancel this from Vin Dicarlo; after 4 hours then after one day then after two days; no response?
    I asked for my money back but no reply.
    He states a full money back garantee when canceling within 14 days;
    I still have had no reply from him???

  139. Tim says:

    DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT THE comapnay Makes its Money on Credit Card FRAUD, NOT content.
    Anyone refused refund or overcharged By Dicalo Or Altare Publishing, Please contact us as we are filing small claims charges currently and contacting attorneys for class action suit against this company.

  140. Stan says:

    Paul, Thanks to people such as yourself for exposing some of the B S out there. Do you do any other sites besides p u a’s. Knew it was scam but never noticed how severe. Thanks again. Stan

  141. Albert says:

    Than you very much.As soon as I saw your video I called for my refund.They told me that they will give it to me form 3 to 5 bussines days.they took out the money quicker than that.Thank you for letting us now.

  142. Paul Spence says:

    Funny, I watched the video and when you give your email you start getting some daily emails from Vin. One of them was on “Astroturfing”

    ie, the art of getting companies to pay you to post compliments to their products ads, to crowd out and scroll away negative comments. Good to see he employs his own advice. When I googled Vin DiCarlo this morning, the first page contained only planted re-endorsements, except for this very piece of yours, Ross. tell a lie enough times … the bigger the lie, the better.

    but truth will out. thanks for doing this work.

    a word about “small chunkers”: They are HELPING you. A person doing what you do can’t afford to be sloppy on the details. It’s not a question of undermining your data or your position, but helping to make your position unassailable.

  143. Fang says:

    Thanks for this, the guy is clearly immoral!

  144. David says:

    Hey, thanks for exposing this guy as a fraud. I saw that in his video from “Ben” he caught my attention with some well known psychologists that I looked up, convincing me somehow that this guy may be legitimate. I was actually thinking of buying this “Pandora’s Box” just to see what it was about, but first I decided to search for counter evidence before signing up. Not only did I find he was fraud, but I found that the refund process would’ve been a pain. I’m amazed that YouTube would even advertise this guy!

    Also, another bit of fraud I discovered, after watching the video it says something about 100 people allowed to sign up and the number starts ticking down, but when I refreshed the website it was back at 100.

    Note: Sorry if this double-posted.

  145. rocky says:

    i paid money to get vins programs and all i got was a stupid promo vid people like him should be charged with fraud hes a looser.i believe if its to good to be true it is dont get sucked in

  146. Daza says:

    Dear Jeffries,

    Thank you for creating this site, i was on the verge of subscribing to vin dicarlos pandoras box system.

    This site seems to be dedicated to debunking PUA scams but I was wondering if you could also redirect visitors to any truely effective and helpful PUA systems out there right now. If there is such a thing.



  147. George Brais says:

    Look guys, RJ does a pretty good job of exposing Dicarlo’s fraud. But I would like to add something.
    First I would like to draw your attention to Michael Shermer’s Baloney Detection Kit, which you can find on YouTube. And check out point no.4: “does this really fit with the way the world works?”
    I mean, c’mon! Who thinks that there is some bullet-proof method to get any girl? I realize that there must be lots of desperate guys who would try anything. But in reality you will end up with a lot less money and a rich Vin Di Carlo.
    What frustrates me is the fact that it does not really matter if we expose DiCarlo here as a fraudster. There will still be enough suckers out there. I mean, think about it! All it takes is 10 guys per month to pay 600$. That means 6000$ monthly. Pretty good deal, if you ask me. I got half a mind to create my very own fraudulent site , where I ask desperate people for money in return for some magic technique that will solve all their problems. It would not matter if millions of people figure out that it’s a scam. All I would need is a few dozens suckers to pay monthly…

    • Paul Ross (aka Ross Jeffries) says:

      I at least am making some impact here, George. Many guys have reported seeing Dicarlo’s name come up here on Google and they’ve avoided handing over the cash as a result.

      I can’t clean up the world. But I can clean up my corner.


  148. m3o says:

    I saw promotional video on youtube about this guy and i knew it from the start it is probably a scam, but i went to website to check what is this all about even though im not desperate i just wanted easy way to get girls because im lazy :D. I googled out a bit and saw you revealing his scam, but i was quite curious what he has to offer so i surfed the deepweb and found PDF`s and i must say there are some interesting stuff there that can be usefull, ofc its not worth paying and ofc nothing there will get you easy treesome :D

  149. Mike D says:

    Still up to no good all these years later 2014 don’t fall for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  150. Thaddeus says:

    My brother recommended I may like this blog. He was entirely right.
    This put up truly made my day. You can not
    consider simply how so much time I had spent for this information!
    Thank you!

    Also visit my homepage; clash of clans hack (Thaddeus)
    Thaddeus recently posted…ThaddeusMy Profile

  151. ++Albert says:

    Hello, Ross.

    It was great to find you here.

    I always maintain that you were the FIRST one to
    come up with the FIRST truly scientific method
    of seduction with your Speed Seduction Course.

    I still have truly happy memories from attending
    to what I believe was your second 3-day seminar
    in Los Angeles (1993), where I met you and Yates C.

    Speed Seduction is truly ahead of everything else
    because you can use it with ALL types of women
    without having to waste time trying to figure out
    to which type (out of 8, or 12) they belong to.

    One just makes HER mind do all the work in convincing
    HER that it it HER idea to do what one is
    suggesting. So elegant and so simple! Most people
    are just too lazy to work on their own personal
    patterns (scripts) and paralyzed by the possibility
    of “rejection”.

    There is so much talk about NATURAL GAME
    and alpha male these days. Just imagine what a
    so-called dominant alpha male could achieve
    by adding the arsenal you provide with SS.
    He doesn’t even have to be an alpha male to
    make it work!

    It is a real shame that most so-called PUAs
    are offering products that are a total scam
    or so inferior to your SS. They are really
    giving a bad reputation to those FEW who offer
    really great products that really work. And many
    do not even teach to guys that women are captured
    through their ears and their imagination — not
    just by being ALPHA all the time.

    And your old Unstoppable Confidence audio tapes are still
    as GREAT as ever — even more so when compared with
    all the garbage being offered these days.

    That’s why am so glad you are going after all those
    scammers who are taking advantage of the frustration
    of so many guys! And there are so many of them
    nowadays. Vin DiCarlo is just one of many!

    You are doing a tremendous work!

    I think you are doing much of the work that all
    the other honest PUAs should be doing but are
    too lazy or too scared to do!

    The so-called community needs to be cleaned up.
    But most don’t want to get involved.

    And, fortunately, the guys who need help so they
    do NOT get ripped off found in you a guardian angel,
    a tenacious advocate for their rights.

    Congratulations for your work!



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