More Mehow PUA Misleading Marketing Mayhem: Mehow PUA, WHERE’S THE PROOF?

Dear Fraudhaters,

As you enjoy this video, remember this: when someone starts out the communication with a blatant deception(and a deception that insults your intelligence) you don’t even have to go any further. They’ve lost their right to your time and your attention.

So perhaps calling into question the validity of Mehow PUA’s testimonials is beating a dead horse, but I had to do so anyway. And in fact, I’m planning to go through every major company and ask, “WHERE’S THE PROOF?”

Enjoy this video:

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16 Responses to More Mehow PUA Misleading Marketing Mayhem: Mehow PUA, WHERE’S THE PROOF?

  1. donny says:

    good work…. finally.

    (Although I doubt that mehoow guy cares judging from what he does.)

    obviously anyone with half a brain will also agree with you and tell those are bogus.

    But RJ, here’s my gripe with you and this whole site brother… you should be the LAST person making these videos and shit.

    All this site does is make you look bad. (not as bad as those scammers but still) The normal guy who reads this is going to say, ok those guys ARE scammers, but this guy seems bitter or something…

    I agree some of these guys are scum and are making the whole industry look bad, but

    You are, in effect, bashing your “competition.”

    This should be done by an IMPARTIAL 3rd party who does NOT have any financial interest in this. (sorry, but you do).

    • Ross Jeffries says:


      What a small and cowardly person I would be if I refused to do my duty to warn the innocent because someone might attribute the wrong motives to me.

      And, for the most part, I think you are incorrect; this blog gets a lot more support than criticism.


  2. donny says:

    rj…. i’m not touching the first paragraph, it’s obvious there’s underlying issues and intent here on your part. very obvious.

    again, if you were an IMPARTIAL THIRD PARTY, this would be a total non-issue, but you’re not so it will always be an issue.

    The reason you assume more support than criticism is because the hate these guys have for the scammers is greater than them caring about you bashing your competition when you all sell stuff to the same market.

    i’m not saying scamming ppl is right, it IS NOT.

    that said, i think some of these “men” (and i use that term very loosely for some of these guys) need to grow some and as you like to say, “man up” and take responsibility for their OWN actions.

    Anyone with an iq over 50 can see these guys are scamming… only a fool would get taken by this.

    no one puts a gun to anyones head and forces them to buy. No one put a gun to their heads and made them take out their credit cards…

    Then of course, the protocol for 99% of these guys is to do what? PLAY THE BLAME GAME.

    its everyone else’s fault but their own.

    • worovme says:

      “its everyone else’s fault but their own.”

      Uh huh. The same excuse I hear from James Arthur Ray defenders.

  3. Saber says:

    To this “Anyone with an iq over 50 can see these guys are scamming… only a fool would get taken by this.

    no one puts a gun to anyones head and forces them to buy. No one put a gun to their heads and made them take out their credit cards…”

    That’s ridiculous. No, they can’t. I have to cringe every time I hear someone defending a lack of ethics by saying, “no one puts a gun to anyones head and forces them to buy.”

    When somebody is stuck in life and miserable, it’s easy to scam them. They really cannot see clearly no matter how much IQ they have. It’s not because they are a fool, it’s because they are stuck in life, miserable, have lost hope, and cannot see the light so they can be easily taken advantage of with phoney hope from unethical people and that’s why there needs to be ethics.

    There are scammers who are able to scam nations of people that are stuck in life and misearable let alone a minority in their dating lives. Take a look at post WWI Germany. High unemployment, inflation, desperation, lost hope and everyone miserable. Who steps in? None other than the ultimate political scammer with false promises and hope that makes an even bigger mess. And it’s not isolated. You had Stalin, Mussolini, Mao, Napoleon, many crazy Roman emporers, etc. You get them in big time business too. Bre-X and Enron come to mind. It’s the human condition that happens over and over. That’s why you need a forum for ethical business practices and some regulation in the field.

  4. Fucknut Fucker says:


    Just fuckin’ with you, ole buddy. You rock, and keep up the good work, and fuck these scamming fuckers that you continue to expose.

  5. donny says:

    LOL…. ‘saber’, so let me get this straight…

    you’re comparing WWII with someone CHOOSING to buy something….

    W-T-F kinda drugs are you on????

    • Saber says:

      W-T-F kind of drugs are you on Donna if you think it’s ok to steal from other people??? Because that’s what these scammers are doing. They are making fraudulent claims to steal other people’s money.

      • donny says:

        dude. First, its donny, not donna – learn how to spell.

        second, you’re comparing WW II with someone choosing to make a purchase – you need to get your head examined there chief.

        under *no* circumstances is it right to scam anyone, however no one is forcing the person to buy anything.

        the person makes a choice.

        • Saber says:

          You thought I made a spelling mistake? Whatever you say, whiny Donna or is your name really Mewho?

          WWII started with a guy scamming a small group of people in a bar. It may mean nothing to you now, but when you let scammers roam free, it grows like a small snowball being rolled down a hill turning into an uncontrollable avalanche. One person is scammed and then the victim thinks it’s ok to scam another and so on.

          It doesn’t matter if the people are forced, like say a mugger putting a gun to your head and saying give me your wallet.

          If you deliver false information to sell something, it’s a scam and punishment needs to be exacted so it doesn’t escalate geometrically. If it’s not wrong, why is there law on the books dealing with it?

          Mewho? is showing a complete lack of ethics and consumers should be made aware of the scam so they can make informed decisions and that it’s not ok for someone to behave this way.

          I give props to Ross for taking the time and effort to put his foot down and making the public aware of this and other fraudsters so consumers can make an informed decision.

  6. worovme says:

    It’s not a choice, it’s the illusion of choice.

  7. Former Mehow Student says:

    The “doctors” in the video all work for Mehow as part of his SAMP, that’s why they’re “endorsing” him.

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  9. Chunk says:

    Hi there,

    Well, Roderik is Royce, one of the head-coaches of Mehow. Getting personal coaching from this guy at the moment. I don’t think it is cool of him to do marketing like this.

    HOWEVER, that is the marketing. What about the MEHOW method?

    My experience is this: Opening with a tease, future projections, pure kino and his phone game.. this stuff works!!!! it should be forbidden… for me. It definately improved the quality of the girls I am dating.


    • Ross Jeffries says:


      Thanks for this bit of info. Don’t you think it’s a tad misleading to include a testimonial from someone who is, in reality, an employee of the company without disclosing that relationship? The way it appears now on his website, it looks like Mr. Kelderman is some objective, happy customer, not a member of the team.

      If his actual relationship to Mehows business was disclosed, the testimonial would lose all credibility, would it not?

      If Mr. Mehow is on the up and up with his marketing, why does he allow this kind of thing?

      I will make sure to have my attorney ask him about this, under oath, as well as subpoena Mr. Kelderman as a witness.

      I can say this: I would never have a member of my team/business do a testimonial for me without fullydisclosing that relationship. It is just plain misleading, pure and simple.


      PS As for Mehow’s methods, I am not making a comment one way or another. I’m only addressing his marketing.

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