Mehow PUA, Savoy PUA, Gambler PUA: It’s National Coming Out Day!

mehow pua savoy pua gambler pua

Dear Fraudhaters,

Ok. I promised this blog would ONLY be about the slimy, deceptive marketing and business practices of the PUA gurus.

But I’ve long harbored a suspicion that many of the “Gurus” in this market are repressed homosexuals.  That they are covering their closet-queen prancings and butt-piracy by their swaggering, dick-wagging proclamations about their super cool lifestyles where supermodels are banging down their doors just to get a chance to jump on their crabbed little tiny man-sticks.

Well, today, as a friend reminded me, is National Coming Out Day. It’s the day for all the repressed and hidden queers to proudly stand up and say, “I’m a fudge packer and I’m proud”.

So Savoy PUA and Mehow PUA and Gambler PUA, here is your chance. If you are, in fact, bunghole luvin’ ass-packers, come on out and tell everyone.

It’s ok.


Jesus loves you.

So do I.

No one will laugh at you(too much).

Just ‘fess up.

And proudly put on those split-crotch panties, feather boas and sequined-bras as you march about your gay mansions singing songs from “RENT”.

Piece, peace, and isn’t satire(and the constitutional protections it affords) grand?


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39 Responses to Mehow PUA, Savoy PUA, Gambler PUA: It’s National Coming Out Day!

  1. Frederik Satisfaction says:

    Ross, while I value your achievements in the field of speed seduction and your opinions, I do wonder why you often times have to insult others in this case an entire population group to make or amplify your point?


    Frederik Satisfaction

    • Ross Jeffries says:


      Because it’s fun.

      • Frederik Satisfaction says:

        Remember your hour in the chat on a few months ago? you were attacked with a dumb anti speed seduction comment and called the guy a racist subsequently, saying he only hated you cause he is German and you are of Jewish faith…or partially Jewish heritage, don’t remember your exact words here, but I can look them up in the chat log…Anyways…I bet you wouldn’t think its fun if somebody made fun Jews…right?

  2. Alex says:

    … This isn’t constitutionally protected.

    You forget you’re not dealing with person to person free speech. You’re a businessman attacking your competitors.

    Your free speech rights get – marginally – shit on.

    Sorry Ross.

    • Ross Jeffries says:


      Your understanding of Constitutional protections for parody and satire are even smaller than your dick.

      • Lisa says:

        if I know that someone is catiehng and defrauding people, I’m required to shut up about it and let them do it because why was that again? Dirty tactics would only apply if I was lying.I’m telling the truth.You can’t falsely yell fire in a crowded theater.But if you smell the smoke and see the fire first, you are OBLIGED to warn people instead of just running out the door.I am amazed by the attitudes of people like you. Do you not get the concept of duty and obligation to protect the innocent? Is everything always so bitter and personal and petty with you that you can’t conceive of someone actually being motivated by seeing that people are protected and that those who prey on them are stopped?What kind of moral coward are you?Or are you just a troll?RJ

  3. Jan says:

    I will not drop a piece of soap bar in this environment.

  4. FraudHater says:

    I can’t believe Mehow is still in the closet. Savoy seems iffy to me… Gamblers just English… I mean when the “muscle guys” as Adam put it once are soccer players… well the men in general a bound to be a bit feminine.

    In all seriousness though the first gay pua would have an interesting niche market without nearly as much competition.

  5. Rob Judge says:

    Ross, this page started off as fun and informative, but has devolved into bigotry and venomous hate. As someone who prides himself in his careful choice of words and crafting of syntax, this seems pretty puerile, don’t you think?

    Anyway, I was with you at first, but you’re really grasping at straws here. By writing nonsense like this, you undermine any creditability you had/hope to gain.

    Hope you can respect honestly.

    Best, Rob

    • Ross Jeffries says:

      @Rob Oh please. It’s obvious satire as you well know. Get off your “drop the soap” box.

      Who do you have an affiliate relationship with, Rob? Do I need to look into you, too?


    • J says:

      Rob is just mad because he’s gonna be next.

      Rob Judge is a scammer and he’s gonna get exposed.

      • Ross Jeffries says:

        @J If you have any verifiable information that Mr. Judge is engaging in deceptive marketing/business practices, please contact me at:

        sandworm77 at ca dot rr dot com

  6. Noggleton says:


    I’m on the floor!!!!!!!!

  7. kris says:

    wow… Ross you must be really jealous… bashing your competition? kinda pathetic, it makes you look small and unsuccessful. if your products stood on their own you wouldn’t need to do this… it’s like you’ve given up with speed seduction and resorted to dirty tactics

    • Ross Jeffries says:


      I think it makes me look quite the witty chap. Your mileage may vary.


    • Ross Jeffries says:


      So if I know that someone is cheating and defrauding people, I’m required to shut up about it and let them do it because…why was that again?

      “Dirty tactics” would only apply if I was lying.

      I’m telling the truth.

      You can’t falsely yell “fire” in a crowded theater.

      But if you smell the smoke and see the fire first, you are OBLIGED to warn people instead of just running out the door.

      I am amazed by the attitudes of people like you. Do you not get the concept of duty and obligation to protect the innocent? Is everything always so bitter and personal and petty with you that you can’t conceive of someone actually being motivated by seeing that people are protected and that those who prey on them are stopped?

      What kind of moral coward are you?

      Or are you just a troll?


  8. Shawn says:

    Thanks for the warning Ross. If I don’t watch out for those anal adventurers, I’ll end up getting approached in the club by them. D=

  9. EdwardZimroth says:

    Free speech aside, this comparison is doing a great injustice to gay men.

    • Johnny Wolf PUA says:

      I’m gonna have to disagree with you there Ed, I personally LOVE THE COCK! 8==D

    • Ross Jeffries says:

      @Barry Epic fail on your podcast. That’s because you offer nothing of value. A third-rate, no-talent, failed Howard Stern impersonator.


  10. LOL says:

    Haha… this is obviously meant to be funny, not disrespectful to gays. Damn, you guys are sensitive.

    Ross likes to push people’s buttons just to see what happens. It’s a kind of humor I can appreciate.


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  12. Walter. AkA Straight shooter says:

    I must say that the evidence states… 3 of the winners at the PUA world summit were likely gay. Did you guys watch the awards online? OMG I honestly am with Ross here. WE AWARDED BEST PUA to 3 GAY GUYS.

    Some guys are suppressing their homosexuality STRONGLY by being PUA. It’s the perfect hiding place. The greatest, strongest closet. How can you be gay if you are selling products and techniques “proven” to work for straight reasons? BULLSHIT! The only thing proven is the techniques get you on a fucking stage to tout your products and sell to guys who don’t know they are being taught to hook up with women by a gay guy. THAT IS FRAUD IN IT’S HIGHEST SENSE in pick up!!! They are so fraudulent, they are defrauding themselves into thinking they are PUAs for straight women. There is so much proof these guys are hiding behind the business of PUA to hide their true desires. Isn’t the community about being your best self? Then if you are gay be your best GAY self and stop teaching guys tactics that don’t fucking work! Haven’t you seen the movie American beauty? The gay marine dude had to shoot the straight dude for finding out he was gay! (Ooops spoiler). The community is rampant with these gay guys trying to be the ultimate straight dude in compensation. THIS IS NOT YOUR BEST SELF, and LEARNING FROM ANYONE GAY IS FALSE LEARNING IN PICK UP. Why is Mehow’s best pick up line, “Woo hoo!” COMe ON! Can DJ FUJI please clarify? Or Hypnotica? To me it sounds like he has ASSFUCKED these guys financially already! I am sick and tired of these gurus, and the guys like Johnny Wolf who award bullshit awards. Gay guys are popular, and that’s why they win the awards. At least Ross is straight enough to tell it straight. And all you assholes telling him he is wrong for his methods. YOU ARE WRONG FOR NOT OUSTING THESE GAY GUYS OUT OF THE COMMUNITY LIKE HE IS. I love gay people. I love them even more when they come out and are HONEST with who they are.

    Ross is doing the community a huge favor. He is not being homohateful. He is just hateful of FRAUD AND ABUSE of good guys and their money by and fraud in the community. Gay guys pretending to be PUA is huge fraud.

    • Ross Jeffries says:

      @Walter For the record, I don’t know if any of these guys ARE gay. I am engaging in satire, a constitutionally protected activity and you will note that the National Coming Out Day post was put in the category, “Pure Satire” just in case anyone had any doubt. I am NOT making any assertion of fact about the sexual orientation of anyone.

      And for the record, I am 100% in support of equal rights for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, or gender-orientation. I think it is shameful that it even has to be discussed. In the State of California, to my utter shame, Proposition 18 passed this year. It made gay marriage illegal.

      I don’t give two shits in a cat box what a person does with anyone else, consensually, as adults, behind closed doors. As long as I don’t have to pay for it, clean up after it, and it doesn’t keep me awake at night with the noise, IT IS NONE OF MY FUCKING BUSINESS and NONE OF YOURS OR ANYONE ELSES except the parties involved.

      Shame on the people of California who voted for Prop 18 and the right -wing morons who want to shove that religious agenda down our throats.

      Having said that, I will say, that to me, Mehow, Speer and Savoy appear effeminate in their manner of speaking, posture and movement. That’s my observation about how they appear to me. Whether they are actually butt-muchers, I can’t say. And it wouldn’t matter as long as they were open about it, assuming they were anal-spelunkers.


  13. PUAhate is GoD says:

    Hey Ross, good stuff brother, gambler is (EDITED BY RJ: personal insults aren’t welcomed here. If you have evidence he is engaging in unfair or dishonest business/marketing, by all means, post it here)

    Anyway, I think Kezia noble is (EDITED BY RJ: again, personal insults don’t cut it here. If you have proof of unfair/dishonest or illegal business/marketing by Kezia, post it. I will spare NO ONE. But I want facts, not insults)

    Also, expose hypnotica, wtf does that guy know, he runs a strip club, obviously your gonna ger laid, game or no game.


  14. AntiFraud says:

    If you look thoroughly, you’ll see that the most ‘successful’ puas, not with women but in their marketing, are often gays. closet homosexuals. Then, instead of coming out they wanna prove to people that they can get chicks, better than anyone else. They of course fool themselves in the process.

    But who exactly am I talking about?

    Tyler Durden/Owen Cook = Total queer. Consult a fagologist and he’ll tell you why he’s gay. Voice, BL, lifestyle… It’s in plain view for those who aren’t full of BS enough to see it. He talks like a queer, it’s very disturbing when you try to soak up the vibe of a so call ‘natural’. Total fail, says his baby is an accident, no respect for life whatsoever, toxic guy with very negative influence towards people around him, as he tries to subconsciously puts them down by boasting about how awesome he is with girls, and how they are not ‘in the moment’. Plus if you’ve seen more than 1 video of him doing his seminars, you’ve gotten more than one example of him flirting with a member of the audience. His value in seducing girls = totally manipulative guy, who only managed to pull an ugly mexican girl with horse teeth when he lives in hollywood, where beautiful girls are everywhere. Total fail, will soon collapse because of all the lie he’s built around himself and his company. In his blueprint decoded product he said ‘and have you ever been asked if you were gay while going out, you know, when you start being social like that, etc? Because I have’ Audience says ‘yes’. Tyler answers ‘yup, it’s a very common thing for people doing this stuff. But it’s perfectly normal’. No it’s not Tyler, you ARE actually gay. Please stop destroying your life by being with a chick if you don’t enjoy sex with women. Do yourself a favor and be buttfucked by some random power bottom. You need this bro

    Mehow = Professional Fagget. Seriously. If you can’t depict him as a fag, then you don’t know how to depict a fag and you’re probably one yourself. This guy talks like the gay friends I have. Queer intonations, like Ohhhhhhh Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhh ??? Queer touch, I mean, I don’t know how to explain it with words but you have to see it. People will tell me, ‘yes but he pulls’. So what, I know plenty of gay guys that pull massively, for the vibe that they spread, and some insecure girls just like them for their non neediness
    to the contrary of most straight dudes.
    Sinn = Light Faggot. Nice homosexual, that I’d like to buttfuck once in a while

    Ratisse = Rature fag. Don’t know the guy personally, but his makeup seems like crossdressing. Was probably a woman in his ex life. Definitely practices gay sex behind the curtain.

    Mystery = Disguised faggot. His peacocking is in fact a way to make gayness appear as cool. Like ‘look, I’m gay, hahaha, of course I’m not it’s just a technique to attract chicks hahaha’. No it’s not. Combine this with the makeup, the need to get lots and lots of girls to show it to the world, all that is born from total repressed gayness.

    Neil Strauss = Shy Homosexual. See him talking in the game, and you’ll probably get the same vibe as I got, aka of a creepy little man who desperately wants a buttfuck in his ass. His chick rules him BTW, unless he uses ‘DHV’ techniques on her.

    Richard La Ruina = Dandy. Desperate for approval of others. Takes care of himself like a good metrosexual. Not gay in his BL, but probably good candidate.

    Adam Lyons = TOTAL FAGGOT. His need to pick up extensively is to gain approval of others. He’s hiding something. Plus the way his wife is treating him shows how much of a fag he is. Man the fuck up Adam. See his last pics from the pua summit, and he poses on the pic just like a GQ fag model that’s been buttfucked beforehand. You can’t fool us Adam. Tell us more about your sexual encounter with Johnny Wolf…

    Vince Kelvin = 40 year old pedogay. Pedophile, likes children, and dresses like a 18 year old to fool women and men to get laid with them. Queer eyes, queer BL, queer voice, queer intonations, queer lifestyle.

    Johnny Wolf = asian = virgin = gay. Dominator gay, but gay nonetheless. Bleaches his anus.

    Steve Piccus = I don’t know this guy personally, other than in the dvd ‘annihilation method’, but from what I saw if this guy isn’t a pedophile gay then chickens have teeth. Total weirdo.

    AMP / Travis Decker = Total douchebag, and gay. Look at the way he holds his body. Listen to the way he talks. Look at his girlfriend. And then you’ll wonder. Damn this guy is a faggot

    60 years of challenge = Don’t know the guy personally. He’s probably good with women, but I’ve listened to some of his podcasts and I thought I was listening to a drag queen. Srsly. I don’t know why his voice is so high pitched, no manliness in it.

    Pickup101/Lance Mason = The first time I listen to him, I thought I had downloaded the wrong program. But no. That’s his actual voice. Just listen to him once and see what you get. I personally got creeped out. Big faggot full time. Talks as if he was chewing and swallowing cock sperm every second.

    David Shade = Mind you, when I first read his books back in the days, I imagined the kinda badass guy, cocky. But things changed when I downloaded – with enthusiasm – his mega course on masterful lover blablabla. Then, a 200 pounds girl was featured on stage. Didn’t know who she was, but more importantly didn’t know why the fuck she would be here. We don’t need uglies more than we have. But it was his girlfriend… gulp. And then I saw the face of the monster. I understood immediately why he wrote all those books. He’s a pervert pedophile. He can’t even bring home a hottie so he focuses on that so that he’s valuable with his ‘sex skills’. Right on David. Now go convice women to get laid with a pedogay sex offender. Plus see the way he blinks, that’s scary. Just like a sociopath

    Doctor Paul = Transexual Gay. He talks like a woman. Acts like a woman. Looks like a fag. This guy is making gestures like a 50 year old fag pedophile, that’s kinda amusing…

    Is he a PUA? No but he’s teaching pick up.


    Now, why PUA = Gay?

    PUA = Pick Up Artist.

    Basically, a PUA is someone that makes pick up an art. That’s great. Now, let me ask you this. Do you go out and meet women for the ‘art’, or to just dump your load into that girl’s mouth and have a good fuck?

    I personally don’t like ‘seduction’. I like to fuck women.

    PUAs prefer the art of seduction, they don’t even enjoy fucking women that’s why they try to have the most lays they can, and brag about it.
    Mind you, a normal heterosexual guy likes to fuck women, but his mindset is completely different from one of a PUA.

    Gays don’t enjoy fucking women, just like PUAs. PUAs are gay.

    That was the lesson for tonight

    Savoy = savy marketer. savy fag. Big faggot that doesn’t even have the drive to fuck women. I guess he’s a soft cock. His voice is one of a dandy homosexual that enjoys buttfucks.

    lovedrop = suckles cock and swallows cum till the last drop. And loves it. Hence lovedrop. Probably did a few mystery things with Mystery, but that is all… mystery.

    Asian Playboy = what do you want me to say. he’s asian, that’s it. But he’s also a bit faggot, who tries to get out of his asian gay frame by seducing women, but can’t because of his gay micro penis.

    Steamroller = cockchewing faggot

    Julian Foxx = repressed homosexual, with macro ego. Never fucked better than a tranny, yet is so faggot that feels the need to boast about it. Considers himself a super natural, which is retarded since he obviously uses techniques, and fails to have success with women despite using them. Julian Foxx was beaten hard at school just as the nerdy glasses creepy guy he has always been, and seeks revenge now by putting a mask and claiming he’s a PUA, and saying he can fuck any women he wants, to make other guys feel like crap. That’s okay Julian, you can cry now, nobody will judge you. Plus it’s national coming out day, so feel free to do your coming out too, your anus who desperately wants to swallow a cock requests it.

  15. October PUA says:

    yeah get em Ross! …honestly I don understand other schools of pick up, they dont capture and lead the imagination, they dont get the woman Steaming hot in record time…and most of the time they are fine with a number…am I missing something here..wheres the pick up in that?

    What ross has done I would say would even Rival the work of Richard Bandler in technology of the unconscious mind.

    For the Rest of the “PUAs”
    They can Kino my ass

    • Ross Jeffries says:

      @October Thanks. Wow, they can get a phone number. Wow.

      I trained with Bandler and modeled alot of what he does and how he teaches. The PUA’s don’t have a clue.

      • Mike says:

        Richard Bandler – the creative genius of psychology.

        He really is as good as the hype having met him at one of his events in the UK. An amazing experience & to be quite frank, life changing.

        All the PUA frauds in one room vs Bandler. The little boys would be quivering in their pink little thongs as he hypnotised the entire group into coming out on Youtube.

  16. Thunder says:

    wow, I just found out about this site. I own some of David DeAngelo dvd`s with some of the pua`s listed here, and i gotta` say, i`m a little dissapointed with David, if all of this turns out to be true.
    About the gays… what does “gay men” suppose to mean ? I thought they like to see themselves as women… don`t they? :D

  17. Bighands says:

    You pua hater’s are such sad repressed little individuals.

    I honestly feel sorry for you.

  18. anon says:

    i find this extremely funny… maybe they are not gay or maybe they are who knows nice post…

  19. debugger says:

    Ross is the Triple OG in the seduction community.

  20. Rena says:

    Keep on writing and chunggig away!

  21. PUAHATE ENVOY says:

    What about Owen Kook? A bisexual psychopath? How come you never go after these pathological bullshiters .

    BTW…thanks for copying something we did right from the get go…copying is the sincerest form of flattery

  22. PUAHATE ENVOY says:

    Also that makeup wearing fomer student of David deDildo…another switch hitter..seen the photos haven’t you?

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