Maniac Mehow: Prancing Polish Pimp?

Dear Fraudhaters,

This is really sad.

And funny.

And SOOO Mehow.


Jesus H. Morrison. How stupid does he think you guys are? How desperate is he for $$$$ to fund his lifestyle?



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26 Responses to Maniac Mehow: Prancing Polish Pimp?

  1. Sebastian Marks III says:

    These “perfect 10″ women. If I go to AEBN and pick my top 3 “dream girls” will they appear? I’d be telling him my definition of a Perfect 10. It would be perfectly clear. Do I get this? Do I? Mehow, may I?

  2. Oleg Cherkasky says:

    I can imagine a guy who has become desperate being convinced that this will help him and he will open his wallet.

    It’s sad that he’s taking advantage of people like that.

  3. chris says:

    you sound bitter. He does what he wants with his time and money. If people buy it… fuck it, maybe they will finally get laid.
    Also, getting laid it not some magical formula and it has nothing do to with *cought* NLP *cough* , it’s a simple skillset you acquire when you go out more and talk to girls.
    In fact it’s so simple that any talking about evoking emotions in others, embedding feelings in others, playing hard to get etc. are FUCKING usuless.

  4. Thats What She Said says:

    First Sopporno and now this clown is offering sex vacations. Isn’t prostitution illegal in California? (Except pornography)

  5. Anubis says:

    I just entered the name “Mehow” into the shrink`o-matic and it said: man-child, with narcissistic wound, lost in the oedipal developmental phase

    which means he`s unable to show intimacy, because he`s afraid, that his wounded and overblown ego will be destroyed in sex, which is more or less the truth, because you have to surrender to merger, to desire, to something more primal, that predates thinking and speaking

    you need guts to get it, you need guts to keep it :P

    so I won`t be surprised to find that he might be a regular customer to some of these girls, hookers are as shallow as you can get them :D

    as I recall, he always promised to turn the regular, everyday, boring motherfucker into some dark wizard of the vagina, with routines

    and of course he uses himself the routines as some magical amulet, against rejection, so that means narcissistic with OCD, just like Freud was

    `ze problem ist he ist alzo manic-deppressive

    so he might be one day calm & normal, the other day he might be overeating, breaking stuff, fervorously masturbating, doing drugs, yelling to people, whatever fits the agenda of his archetypal shadow

    I`m just speculating this, based on the way he is thinking, acting in the videos and trying to project his stuff out there

    narcissistic disorder is a right-brain problem

    ocd is a left-brain problem

    when you jump from one to the other, you get dopamine levels like crazy and all the fun that comes along with it >:)

    why do you think Freud was on cocaine and was a sex wacko? :P

    and going into court with this guy, reminds me of the `chicken game` :D

    why soooo seriouuuusssss? :D

    ps: smells like soporno`s using him for cover, you called him out on pimpin` as a canadian :P

  6. Jad87 says:

    Yo ross I commented on mehows blog and well I made his master gay pua look stupid and I was just stating my honest opinion and well he says :” Cool man :)” Like I am some girl testing him rather answeering my concerns.

    And I replied :” Yes I am a man cant say the same abt you ;)”

    THey deleted my reply :D after an hour.

    THey are fake COMPANY making men homosexual. ITS VERY VERY SAD !

  7. Saber says:

    What a scumbag phoney charging people for something so obvious as offering cash and drugs for sex. And he’s gonna hook people up for less than the cost of gas each month?? Knowing Mehow’s fee schedule for his bullsh-it instructor university and his lifestyle, I highly doubt it. Some obvious bait and switch hustling people out of tonnes of cash is probably gonna be in order here.

  8. Wolfy Touché says:

    This is so far out- it´s freaking scary! After visiting his website and looking at his “products”he looks like a monster joke- even for people who don´t know his scam. It has become so obvious.

    And I almost went to work for him like so many other he scammed with the MCIP…

    People I once thought I could learn from, the Pole included, disappoint big time these days.

    Freaks and Geeks, liars and thiefs the lot of them!

    They should be stopped but alas they continue with their Businesses, shehow, dicarlo, Eben Pagan, sjoporno, the mystery freak called mystery list is long.

    What to do- what to do??

    write and bitch like an old and bitter NY

    times critic:-)

    Peace, Love and Global economic meltdown!


  9. Jack says:

    I saw Jad’s comment on Mehow’s blog, he didn’t post any concerns he just trolled and when he didn’t get a reaction he trolled harder. Makes sense I never saw your second comment Jad.

    If you got some dirt then share it like Ross, help people, trolling doesn’t help expose these people. That’s why PUAHate sucks so much of the time, the best bits are when they really show these guys are scamming or worse inexperienced and under qualified to teach.

  10. you da man ross says:

    RJ bringing the HEAT on this one. Y’all got Mehow on the ropes RJ, give him your finishing move!!!!

  11. Jad87 says:

    @jack bro I posted on the forum shit to expose them. They deleted and banned me.

  12. Ross Brings Pain says:

    You got him on the run Ross!!!

    But Checkout his latest bullshit about his “TV show”

    This is the fakest shit I ever seen.

    Finish the polish pounce!

    • you da man ross says:

      Glad someone else on here knows what’s up!


      Ross, Loving your work. I’ve been a SS student since ’98 and it’s only gettin’ better.

      Putting clowns like Mehow on smackdown is what’s up. Staying tuned in for your next spanking.


  13. Ross Brings Pain says:

    Ross you gotta write or make a video about this TV show Shehow is lying about.

    It’s too funny he thinks he’s gonna change the world like a hippy fag.

    • Anubis says:

      why in such a hurry? let the guy discredit himself first :P

      funny thing you can`t really make a show about picking up women, that will be appreciated by both sexes


      if you are doing it the womens way, it will become some new type of Oprah, which is in chinese to most guys

      if you are doing it the guys way, the women will think it`s wierd

      if you are using people who are really good in real life in this, not just bs masters over the internet, it will be so smooth, the guys watching it will think “it`s just his looks, status, whatever, I don`t see the tricks”

      just as a reminder, Kiyosaki has his show since 2001

      and yet people still mortgage their homes for a plasma tv, even in 2012

      just because you have presence, it doesn`t mean you are going to achieve anything with it, or have any effect, there`s too much information, your voice gets lost, unless you rely on these one day wonder, super-niche, sleezeball marketing launches, but even than very-very little action is going to be taken

      so let us feast on Shehow`s show, because it`s going to be a crash-n-burn :D

      • Ross Jeffries says:


        “so let us feast on Shehow`s show, because it`s going to be a crash-n-burn ”

        Now THAT is almost certainly true! An epic fail and fascinatingly bizarre, like a John Waters movie starring “Divine”.

        • Anubis says:

          in the last days I saw some site “pumaskills” it`s about doing magic tricks in night clubs, to catch the attention of girls


          did just Hystery creep back from the primordial kitchen of an asylum? :D

          the most hilarious thing would be Shehow reselling the old bag of tricks from the good old forum days, like DHV, neg and palm reading

          and I doubt they would do live shows, because some of the “ballsier” girls might call out Shehow of being closeted :D

    • Ross Jeffries says:

      @RBP I don’t know if it is a lie, and I’d LOVE for him to get a show. It would be an embarrassingly rich source for comedic ridicule, his most EPIC FAIL, from which he’d never recover. He’s far too narcissistic to even get that the whole point of the show would be to take the piss out of him, laugh at him behind his back. I’m sure the producers know what they are doing in this regard: TV producers make fake PUA Gurus seem like Girl Scouts by comparison. They are the utter, scum of the earth. BY ALL MEANS, MEHOW SHOULD GET THIS SHOW!

  14. Anubis says:

    you know, there`s one thing I don`t really get here, Ross

    I just really don`t

    you only “expose” people who are, how should I say this, alone :P

    you hit on Hystery, Shehow, Aebn, Erika Masturbatowich and other such fools, who have been your students one way or the other

    but what about RSD?

    the guys just go out every day, in big cities, looking for drunk and horny women who find them attractive, sometimes they fuck them and put it on video and than they declare themselves pickup geniuses and self-made naturals, than they go out and charge a bunch of cash to guys to get them into this “vibe”

    they just take them out and all that`s happening is solitary nerds realizing, there`s a world outside their home`s and people in general like fun :D

    just look how much people have been paying them in these bootcamps since years in multiple cities

    so somebody giving me approval to have fun in the weekend for a 1,000 bucks at least (they used to charge even 2k)


    that`s some serious scamming there bro

    why waste your time on chicken shit people?

    let`s take down a whale :P

    or you have some Ribbentrop-Molotov agreement with them, we are not aware of? :P

    • Ross Jeffries says:


      I don’t talk about RSD because they don’t do any email marketing. I would have to go in, research and troll in their forums and I don’t have the time or inclination to do that.

      If anyone-including you-has a rip-off report of a bad experience with RSD, by all means write me:

      And I’ll look into it and if it seems true, publish a post about it.


  15. Fuck says:

    Ross. You are the worst of them all. Your methods are destroying men because they think that hypnosis is a must for them to get girls. Girls are getting hurt also because they need to deal with creeps. Go and kill yourself.

  16. Spunk Monkey says:

    I like Soporno. I find him to be rather affable and well-meaning.
    But seeing that this Mehow character is PROMISING to get you laid by your PERFECT WOMAN…

    That isn’t pickup artistry. That’s called pimping.
    And he’s claiming that for roughly $75 (what I pay per month for gas) a month I can replicate his lifestyle?

    So $75 a month will give me his confidence, a new wardrobe, a better house in a nicer area, and my “perfect women” around the clock?

    I’m sorry, but even Soporno’s claims aren’t that outrageous!

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